New Skill Add-ons!

New Changes Made Simple!

By nyaiera

Published: Nov 26, 2023

Updated: Nov 26, 2023




New Skill Add-ons!


Skill Add-ons allow for customization by providing skills with buffs and additional effects
  • The Skill Add-on system has received a rework to be more fair among all classes 
  • Now the Skill add-on effects are relative across all skills, giving the effects of old Tier 3 Add-ons
  • The way new Skill Add-ons are categorized is by the buff effect provided by them
  • The duration of the Skill Add-on effect will be determined by the a skill's cooldown duration 


Skill Add-ons are still learned and applied in the same way as before and still able to be reset.


Applying Skill Add-ons 

If you're a new player and haven't accessed Skill Add-ons before, they're unlocked from level 50 onwards and allow you to add custom bonus effects to your skills. 


To setup your Skill Add-ons, you can visit a Skill Instructor NPC which will present you with the following UI option. 



Clicking the + button will bring up options on which skills you'd like to apply different bonus effects too. 


This will then allow you to select Main Hand or Awakening skills to apply Skill Add-ons too. Previously, skills had varying bonuses. 


This was something baked into the skill and couldn't be changed or customized. Now, Skill Add-ons have been adjusted to provide the same bonuses, but with varying effect durations. 



You'll still need either a Memory Fragment or Secret Book of Old Moon / Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide in order to change or reset your Skill Add-ons at Skill Instructor NPCs. 


Skill Add-on Groups

One of the factors that determine how long a Skill Add-on's effect will last is based on what type of bonus you are applying. 


The different bonuses have been split up into different categories that share duration times, here's the different types available. 


Offensive A
(Stat buffs)
Extra AP Against Monsters+, Extra Damage to Humans+, Critical Hit Rate+, Attack/Casting Speed+, Movement Speed+, All Accuracy Rate+
Offensive B
(Damage buffs)
Down Attack damage+, Back Attack damage+, Critical Hit damage+, Air Attack damage+
(Stat buffs)
All DP+, All Evasion Rate+
Debuff A
(Stat debuffs)
Extra Damage to Humans-, All DP-, All Evasion Rate-, All Accuracy Rate-
Debuff B
(Speed debuffs)
Attack/Casting Speed-, Movement Speed-
Other effects Bleeding damage, recover HP per hit, recover resource per hit, Down Smash, Air Smash


To show an example of this, here's some bonuses that you can add to a skill. An offensive type and a defensive type have different buff duration lengths.



This is based on a skill with a 12 second cooldown, now a skill's cooldown is important because it helps decide how long your Skill Add-on might last. 



With this skill as an example, because it lasts 12 seconds it can theoretically have 100% uptime on the 12 second buff duration, as long as it's used when on cooldown. 


The defensive duration being 15 seconds provides a little more room for errors in your rotation, this is something to keep in mind when deciding which skills you'd like to apply different effects to. 


This is because of the way that Skill Add-on tiers are now based around a skill's cooldown duration.


Skill Cooldown Categories

Here are the different Skill cooldown categories, this will help you to decide which skills you'd like to use when selecting a Skill Add-on. 


Tier 1 Cooldown is 5 sec or below
Tier 2 Cooldown is over 5 sec but below 13 sec
Cooldown is 13 sec or above, yet skill can be used during cooldown
Tier 3 Cooldown is 13 sec or above


These three categories will then have an effect on how long a Skill duration can last which is seperate to the effect type durations. 


Here's a table that shows how a Skill's cooldown effects each effect type category, 


Effect Type  Tier 1 Skill Cooldown  Tier 2 Skill Cooldown  Tier 3 Skill Cooldown 
Offensive A
(Stat buffs)
7 seconds  12 seconds  20 seconds
Offensive B
(Damage buffs)
5 seconds 7 seconds 10 seconds
(Stat buffs)
10 seconds 15 seconds 25 seconds
Debuff A
(Stat debuffs)
7 seconds 10 seconds 12 seconds
Debuff B
(Speed debuffs)
4 seconds  7 seconds 10 seconds
Bleeding Damage duration 9 seconds 15 seconds 27 seconds

Using our earlier example using the Nova Awakening skill Starfall which has a 12 second cooldown, from the tables we can see this would be classed as Tier 2 Skill Cooldown. 


That's because Starfall has a Cooldown which is over 5 seconds but below 13 seconds. With it being on the higher end of this like shown earlier, you may not like the timing window on Offensive A type buffs. 


Let's use an example of how your skill choice can suit your preference with the new Skill Add-ons, here's another skill. 



This is another frequently used Nova skill that also falls into the Tier 2 category. However, it's skillcool down is only 6 seconds instead of 12. 



This would provide a much more flexible upkeep window for offensive buff types, giving you plenty of time to re-add the skill to your skill rotation. 


While it's not necessarily a bad thing to use a 12 second duration with a 12 second cooldown skill, 


But because the new Skill Add-ons effects are now much stronger, since they match what used to be considered Tier 3, it's best to be able to keep them up for as long as possible. 


Other Skill Add-on Effect Changes

There was also some fundemental changes to some of the extra effects that could be applied by Skill Add-ons, here's a table to show the changes: 


Effect Type  Effect Change
Bleeding damage


50/100/150 bleeding damage per 3 sec for 15/15/15 sec

→ 100 bleeding damage per 3 sec for 9/15/27 sec


Down Smash & Air Smash


10/15/20% chance → 15% chance for all tiers


Recover HP per hit


Recover 5/10/15 HP per hit → Recover 10 HP per hit for all tiers


Recover MP/WP/SP per hit


10/20/30 MP/WP/SP per hit → 20 MP/WP/SP per hit for all tiers



All in all, the way Skill Add-ons are applied and adjusted has not changed too much, the changes only effect the Add-ons themselves. 



What do you think of the changes to the Skill Add-on system? Let us know!