Terms of Service

Last update: 08. Sept 2023

Getting Help

We use our discord server for information, feedback and as a helping center. Information about new features, downtime, or any other notices, will be found on the Garmoth discord server.

Account Management & Data Integrity

Managing your account at Garmoth.com comes with certain guidelines and expectations to maintain the platform's integrity and ensure a harmonious experience for all users. Here's a detailed insight into our account policies:

  • Usernames & Signatures: Your username and signature are often the first point of interaction with other community members. We encourage creativity but with a caveat. Any usernames, signatures, or associated data that may be considered offensive, misleading, or inappropriate will either be altered or may lead to more severe actions, such as permanent restrictions on your account.
  • Maintaining a Respectful Online Identity: It's crucial to ensure that your online persona reflects respect and consideration for others. This means avoiding any names, images, or content that might be hurtful, misleading, or controversial in any form.
  • Account Deactivation & Deletion: Life changes, and so might your preferences. If you ever wish to step back from Garmoth.com, you have the option to deactivate or delete your account. By contacting our support team, you can initiate this process. It's important to note that when an account is deleted, all associated data – from posts to personal details – is also permanently removed from our platform. This action is irreversible, so we recommend you think it through and back up any content you might need in the future.

Refund Policy & Digital Goods

Purchasing digital goods or services offers a unique experience, distinct from that of tangible products. To help our users navigate this landscape, here's our comprehensive refund policy at Garmoth.com:

  • Instant Access: The beauty of digital products lies in their immediacy. Once you've made a purchase, access is instantaneous. Unlike physical items, which have delivery periods, our digital offerings become available right after the transaction is completed.
  • Irreversible Transactions: The nature of digital goods means once they're accessed or downloaded, the transaction is final. Essentially, you can't 'return' a digital product in the conventional sense.
  • General Stance: Given the distinct nature of digital goods, Garmoth.com generally upholds a 'no refunds' policy. This means that, under normal circumstances, once you've made a purchase, we cannot offer a refund or credit for the transaction.
  • Exceptions to the Rule: We understand that sometimes, things don't go as planned. Should your subscription renew unintentionally or if there are unique circumstances that merit consideration, we're open to reviewing the situation. In such cases, reach out to our support team with all relevant details, and we'll assess the feasibility of a refund.
  • Informed Purchasing: We encourage our users to go through product descriptions diligently, raise any queries beforehand, and ensure they're making well-informed decisions. Our aim is to offer transparency and clarity to assist in your purchasing choices.

Account Hijacking & Digital Integrity

Account hijacking refers to unauthorized access or attempts to access someone else's account, whether carried out locally or remotely. Such practices endanger the digital security and personal privacy of our users. To break it down further:

  • What It Means: Account hijacking doesn't just refer to overt hacking attempts. It can also include using someone's saved login credentials without their permission, answering security questions based on gathered or guessed personal information, or using any form of deception to gain unauthorized access.
  • Why It Matters: Unauthorized access can lead to a breach of personal data, unauthorized actions on a user's behalf, and a breakdown of trust within the community. This isn't just about one's data – it impacts the entire ecosystem of trust we've built on Garmoth.com.
  • Our Stance: Garmoth.com has zero tolerance for any efforts to compromise another user's account. Such actions are not only a breach of our community guidelines but also a violation of various cybercrime laws in many jurisdictions.
  • Preventative Measures: Always ensure you maintain a strong, unique password for your Garmoth.com account. Never share your login credentials or personal details that might be tied to security questions. Report any suspicious activity or concerns about your account's integrity to our support team immediately.


Piracy is not just about unauthorized downloading of movies or music. In the context of our platform, it encompasses the unauthorized use, extraction, reproduction, or distribution of any code, software, or data that belongs to Garmoth.com. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Copying, adapting, or distributing our proprietary algorithms, codebases, or software.
  • Extracting data, content, or any other digital assets from our platform without proper authorization.
  • Creating derivative works based on our data or software without obtaining the necessary permissions.

It's essential to understand that these actions aren't merely against our policies – they violate international copyright laws. Intellectual property rights are legal protections granted to the creators of original works, like the software and data we provide on Garmoth.com. These rights prohibit others from using, replicating, or distributing these creations without explicit permission from the rightful owners.

Violations can lead to severe legal consequences, including potential lawsuits, fines, or even criminal charges in some jurisdictions. Therefore, always ensure you have the necessary permissions before accessing or using any content, code, or data from our platform in a manner not explicitly allowed by our terms of service.

Security Measures

At Garmoth.com, the safety and security of our users are paramount. Here's how we envision and advise you to maintain a fortified experience on our platform:

  • Password Hygiene: In the ever-evolving digital landscape, maintaining password integrity is crucial. We can't stress enough the importance of updating your Discord passwords regularly. Think of it as a routine check-up for your account, ensuring it remains resilient against potential breaches.
  • Vulnerabilities & Responsible Reporting: Every system has its intricacies, and occasionally, weak spots may emerge. If you stumble upon any code discrepancies, bugs, or potential exploits, we regard it as a mark of responsibility and community spirit to notify our moderation team. Your proactive involvement aids us in ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.
  • Zero Tolerance for Exploitation: While identifying vulnerabilities is commendable, taking advantage of them is detrimental to the community's trust. Any intentional misuse or continued exploitation of these weak spots will result in strict actions, including potential permanent restrictions on your account.
  • Together in Safeguarding: Security isn't a one-way street. As much as we endeavor to provide a safe platform, your alertness and cooperation amplify these efforts, crafting a secure environment for all users.

User Conduct & Community Standards

At Garmoth.com, our vibrant community stands as a testament to the collective effort of individual members who respect and uphold shared values. Here's a closer look at our expectations and standards regarding user conduct:

  • Commitment to Respect: At the heart of our community lies respect – for diverse opinions, backgrounds, and expressions. Inappropriate behavior disrupts this harmony and will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • Defining Inappropriate Behavior: While it's impossible to list every conceivable action, inappropriate behavior typically includes actions that are offensive, discriminatory, disruptive, or harmful. This can range from offensive remarks to attempts at marginalizing others based on their background or beliefs.
  • Accountability & Consequences: We believe in holding our community members accountable for their actions. If any user engages in behavior that Garmoth.com deems inappropriate or contradictory to our core values, consequences will follow. This can range from warnings to, in severe cases, the termination of the user's account.
  • A Collective Effort: Ensuring a harmonious community experience isn't solely the responsibility of Garmoth.com's moderation team. We encourage all members to embody these principles in their interactions and report any disruptions or inappropriate actions they encounter.

Information Sharing

At Garmoth.com, we've meticulously curated content for our subscribed users, a testament to our commitment to quality and exclusivity. Here’s how we navigate the balance between personal enjoyment and the community spirit:

  • Personal Enjoyment First: Our prime focus is ensuring that you relish the content we offer. This immersive experience is fashioned mainly for your personal enrichment and entertainment.
  • Community Sharing with Care: Recognizing the bond shared among friends and guild members, we permit limited sharing of our content within these close-knit circles. However, it's essential to remember the spirit behind this: to enrich individual experiences, not to mass-distribute.
  • Legal Implications of Unauthorized Sharing: Unauthorized replication, distribution, or public display of our content can lead to potential legal consequences. This isn't just about breaching our agreement but could also go against various copyright and intellectual property laws.
  • Bridges We Don’t Cross: While sharing within personal circles is one thing, public redistribution is quite another. Replicating, broadcasting, or publishing our paid content on larger platforms such as forums, Reddit, Twitch, or YouTube without our express consent is a direct violation of our agreement.
  • Protecting the Essence: The exclusivity and integrity of our content are paramount. By avoiding unauthorized sharing, we not only respect intellectual property rights but also ensure that the unique value of a Garmoth.com subscription remains intact.

Additional Terms

At Garmoth.com, we continuously strive to improve. As such, we reserve the right to modify, adjust, or change any portion of this User Agreement at our discretion, and without prior notice.

While we've endeavored to be comprehensive, this agreement may not encompass every conceivable scenario. As a result, we maintain the right to take necessary actions or impose sanctions on users, even for situations not explicitly stated herein. Our foremost intent is the safety and well-being of our platform and its esteemed users.


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