Garmoth Beauty Album

Perfect for New Characters!

By nyaiera

Published: Jun 01, 2023

Updated: Jun 15, 2023




Garmoth Beauty Album


The Garmoth Beauty Album lets you access character templates from all regions! 
  • Perfect for quickly creating a great looking new character or seasonal character 
  • Most templates can be customized, working as a great starting point for character customization
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from, updated from the games beauty album
  • Choose templates from 9 regions of the game for even more choice! 


The Garmoth Beauty Album lets you download your favourite templates for use in game! 


Using the Beauty Album

If you've never used our Beauty Album, you can find it on the home page of the site, but here's a link to it just in case you want to take a look now. 



Once you're on the Beauty Album page you'll be viewing the current most popular templates from all regions over the last 90 day period. 



There are plenty of ways to refine the search to help you find a different set of templates, the most common usually being the class type. 



Once you've chosen a class the Beauty Album will only display templates from that class. You can also change the time period. 



Just like the in game Beauty Album this will allow you to view different sets of 100 templates based on their popularity. 


However, unlike in game, you can also change the region in which you'd like to view, by using the last drop down menu.



Once you've found a template you like, just click on the template image to be taken to the download screen


Just click the download button and you'll see the file pop up in your browser. 


Accessing Your Template in Game

Once you've downloaded a template you like, you'll have to place the the downloaded file in your Customization folder within your Black Desert folder. 



The Black Desert folder is usually in your Documents folder, inside the Black Desert folder you'll find your Customization folder. 



Place the downloaded template into the Customization folder, then when you create a character or edit a character in Black Desert you can access the file. 



The Load File option will be in the bottom right corner of the screen, this will let you load the template ready to edit or save. 

In some cases the template creator may not allow editing of their template design. 


Have you used our Beauty Album before or is it something you've not tried yet? Let us know!