Tailoring Coupon Guide

Convert Crafted Outfits!

By nyaiera

Published: Feb 06, 2024

Updated: Feb 14, 2024




Tailoring Coupon Guide


Convert craftable outfits to cosmetic outfits and create unique Magical Crystals! 
  • Using a Tailoring Coupon will you give you more cosmetic options by making use of craftable outfits
  • Craftable Outfits will be given additional stats to make them comparable to Pearl shop outfits 
  • A Tailoring Coupon can be obtained for free once per family with Professional 10 Trading
  • Tailoring Coupons are most commonly used to create Magical Crystals for end game gearing


Tailoring Coupon Outfits 

When using the Tailoring Coupon for cosmetic reasons, you'll be able to convert a craftable outfit (that usually takes up your chest armor slot to wear) to a cosmetic outfit. 


This will let you wear it over the top of your gear just like you can with a pearl shop cosmetic outfit.


You can also dye the outfits and mix and match them with other pearl shop cosmetics depending on how many outfit slots your costume takes up. 


Here's an example of Sorcerer's Ahon Kirus outfit, which is one of the more popular craftable outfits to use as a cosmetic option. 


Garmoth Black Desert Ahon Kirus


Be careful before using your Tailoring Coupon as some outfits may look different depending on the class, Ahon Kirus will give some classes like Nova the short cape option for example. 


It's best to try on your outfit while it's still a crafted outfit before converting it into a cosmetic outfit. 

A Equipment Tailoring Coupon is a one time use and cannot be reverted, though if you are unhappy with your choice you can always convert it to a Magical Crystal. 


Using the Tailoring Coupon

Thankfully, using the Equipment Tailoring Coupon is easy, simply right click it in your Inventory and you'll see this new UI window open up for you: 


Garmoth Black Desert Tailoring Coupon


Just click the Switch Equipment button and the outfit will be converted. After an outfit has been converted it will be stored in your Pearl inventory. 


The Equipment Tailoring Coupon is a one time use and the conversion cannot be reverted, once you convert your outfit there's no changing it back. 


Tailoring Coupon for Magic Crystals

The Equipment Tailoring Coupon will let you craft special Magical Crystals that can only be socketed into the Central Crystal Slot in the Transfusion window. 


For the Central Crystal slot, you need to use a Black Spirit's Claw on a cosmetic outfit which will enhance it to have an extra Crystal slot. 


Garmoth Black Desert Tailoring Coupon Crystal Slot


Simply right click your Black Spirit's Claw and then add your outfit to the enhancement window like below: 

Garmoth Black Desert Outfit Crystal


But to actually obtain the Crystals for this slot, you will need a Equipment Tailoring Coupon to convert a non pearl shop outfit into a costume. 


The Equipment Tailoring Coupon is a pearl shop item, sometimes given away in log in rewards or events, or you can try to pre-order one on the Central Market. 


Once you have one, right click your tailouring coupon and insert your non-pearl costume, I'm using a [Maehwa] Ahon Kirus's Armor 


Garmoth Black Desert Crafting Cosmetic Outfits


Once you've made the outfit into a cosmetic outfit, you'll be able to extract a crystal using Heating (L) 


Just place the outfit into the heating window on the heating setting and then you'll be able to obtain a Crystal. 


Garmoth Black Desert Crafting Outfit Crystals


There are 3 different types of Magical Crystals that can be obtained in this way, Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Valor

Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Viper and Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Swiftness


Make sure you use the correct outfit, the outfit will say which type of Magic Crystal they can be converted into.


For example the [Maehwa] Ahon Kirus's Armor tool tip shows mentions Critical Hit +1, so it will convert to Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Valor


Generally Valor is the most popular Crystal, so if you're not sure, you can just use a Ahon Kirus.  


Obtaining a Free Tailoring Coupon

In order to obtain a free Equipment Tailoring Coupon you'll need to have Professional 10 Trading, at the time of writing Trading has been limited while undergoing a revamp. 


The General Trade conducted via the Order Contract is currently unavailable but Processing trade such as ingots/crop boxes will is still available. 


Once you've hit Professional 10 you can do the [Life] [Leap] Trading Guru questline in the Suggested tab in the quest window (O)


Garmoth Black Desert Free Tailoring Coupon


You'll only need to complete up to [Trading Leap Professional 10] for the purposes of getting your free Equipment Tailoring Coupon


After completing this questline, you'll then have to do up to the 4th quest of [Life] [Leap] Honor to the Trading Family


Garmoth Black Desert Free Tailoring Coupon Quest


This questline is mostly talking to NPCs and will reward you with the Equipment Tailoring Coupon when you're done. 


Usually you can only get these coupons from the Pearl shop and some times they're given out during login events, so if you have the trading requirement, you might as well grab one for free.



Have you ever used a Tailouring Coupon for a cosmetic outfit, if so, which one? Let us know!