7 days ago

Grind Tracker

  • Removed Black Stone Armor
  • Added BS-Armor to BS-Weapon count
22 days ago
  • Changed "Best Grind Spot" grid to list
1 month ago
  • Reworked boss timer
  • Beauty Album favorites are now sorted based on most recent added
2 months ago
  • Updated Monster caps to KR version
2 months ago

Gear Planner

  • Updated PVE Damage Calculator A new formular have been applied created by Mats#1064.
  • Added a lot more spots to PVE Damage Calculator
3 months ago

Grind Tracker

  • Improved Drop Rate
  • Drop Rate now caps at 300%
  • Node Level Drop Rate is no longer included in Drop Rate
  • Arsha, Castle and Morning buffs are uncapped buffs.
3 months ago
  • Converted all Abyssal Gaze, Specter's Gaze and Jewel of Illusion into Debo's
4 months ago
  • Added Scholar
4 months ago

Enhancing Simulator

  • Added Dim Origin of Dark Hunger to the calculator
4 months ago
  • Added new Search function