Muiquun's Red Player/Karma Guide

Muiquun's complete guide to Karma and Redlife

By sklema

Published: Mar 22, 2024

Updated: Mar 25, 2024




Muiquun's Red Player/Karma Guide




Hello from Muiquun o/. 

We are a Permared group from the EU region.

This guide's purpose is to make information about redlife more readily available.


In this guide we will cover the karma system within Black Desert in detail, the different types of reds, how negative karma affects the way you play, the penalties tied to negative karma and more. 

Reading the entire guide is not essential, and you can skip to parts you require more information about on the left or in the table of contents above. If you have any more questions after reading the guide or need any help, feel free to join Permared community on the Muiquun Community Discord, comment on the YouTube channel, or PM us on Reddit.


The Family wide Karma System


The karma system shows which players actively kill in open world pvp, and those who only kill to defend their spot or would rather solve issues amicably.


In Black Desert, there are two karma states ranging from 300,000 (Maximum Positive) and -1,000,000 (One Million, Maximum Negative). Your karma is viewable from your character stats screen (Escape > F2 > 1 or just P on your keyboard) and should look something like the below image. Your karma is indicated by the first symbol on the left under status, and naval karma under that.



As well as this menu, your character's name colour will also reflect your karma. Your name will range from shades of blue to white if you're at positive karma, and will go from white to varying shades of red if you're at negative karma. There's also another state (green) which indicates the player is not PVP ready (under Lv50) even with your family karma being negative, this green character can not be killed by PVP.


You are able to lose karma by killing wild animals or the Calpheon protestors but most karma loss is going to be given by flagging (Alt+C/forced PVP) on another player for any reason. You lose karma based on a varying ratio (from 50k to 120k) depending on the gap in your AP (Attack Points) and killing mobs will regain karma. 

Depending on your karma, your PVP icon (circled in white) to the right of your name will change colour. At first it will start out as a light red, turning into a brownish orange, a pinky-purple then becoming a deep red as shown below.



Basics of Negative Karma Penalties & What To Expect

Whilst you are a Red Player or just simply negative karma, there are certain penalties to your deaths except during a nodewar, duels, in a PVP arena or if your guild has been declared for war; these penalties also extend to Arsha servers.


As a general overview, when blue during PVP death you lose nothing and on PVE death you lose XP and have a very low chance for crystals to break.


When red however, dying in PVP means you will always lose 2% of your XP* and will lose between 2-6 (2-4 in PVE) magic crystals per death on average. Also between 0-4 lightstones can break on death while negative karma. Depending on the amount of crystals that are equipped, the chance of lightstones breaking gets a lot slimmer.


If you were to die in PvE either to monsters (including World & Field Bosses**) or to guards in towns, the normal PVP death penalties will occur as well as the chance for your gear to downgrade. The only way to mitigate the downgrade is to slot magic crystals into a crystal preset and apply it.
While being negative karma, you are not protected from losses when someone feeds you to monsters.
To be protected the other person has to alt+c. Because you are negative karma, the alt+c does not apply to you.

The best crystals for red life and avoiding downgrades will be explained further down and in more detail later.


Overall the system follows a simple rule for PvE deaths.
If a positive karma player loses crystals/xp on death, the negative karma player will also have all penalties applied. If the positive karma player loses nothing, it is also safe for the negative karma player
(Dieing to an NPC while PvPing can still apply death penaltys while negative karma!)

When negative karma you are completely free of death penalties from:

Arena of Arsha, Battle Arena, Town Arenas, Red Battlefield

Arena of Solare, Node War, Conquest War, Guild War Declarations, Scroll Bosses, Guild Bosses, Boss Blitz, Pit of the Undying, Fall Deaths, Player Duells

Do be careful as soon as a Node/Conquest war ends penalties will return.


As a Red Player, you will face a lot of struggles. These will range from being PKed in a safezone (or even your own house), to being hunted because you killed the wrong person.


It's not all downsides though, a negative karma player will be very hard to camp as when you die and respawn to a safezone (also known as a node), you will respawn randomly between the three closest nodes to you. Spawning to town, however, is consistent and will respawn to the closest town. You are also free to kill just about anyone given you have the skill and gear.


* Using Elion's/Fairy tears completely negates this XP loss

** Scroll, Some Bosses & Black Shrine Bosses are the exception to this and do not punish you on death.


Crystals + Gear Penalties & How To Avoid Them

Crystals being the one of the only ways to stop a gear downgrade, not all of them are equal. Sadly green/blue grade crystals got removed and only Yellow and Red grade crystals are left.
With yellow crystals you can be saved with 7 of them equipped!

Less gear i.e., no gloves equipped, as well as a lower chance of the crystal breaking, heightens the chance of a downgrade by a lot.

Gear and crystals will never degrade and break at the same time, it will always be one or the other.


Yellow border (Black Magic) crystals are safe as long as they have a high chance to break, but you can still downgrade with as many as six of them equipped (7 are needed to be save), and are all in all very risky to run if you plan on PvPing in spots where mob feeding is easier.


Red border (Ancients) crystals are the least safe crystal to run as even with a full set of ancient crystals equipped, we were still able to downgrade within a few deaths.


Whilst we have researched and found this out, we are not sure of the actual percentages. Our estimates are below.


Crystal Grade

Protection % (Estimate)



Outfit crystals won't break and also seem to affect the downgrade chance, but we have not researched into it as it would take too much in the way of resources. You can also use trade items to protect from crystal loss and degrade but is considered completely unviable as even with a maxed weight limit, you cannot carry enough trade items to protect them 100%; lightstones have a slight protection rate ranging from 5-20% but are by no means a viable resource of gear protection that should be considered.


It's important to include that accessories have not, do not and will not downgrade at all.

An optional video demonstrating our research can be found here


Further Death Penalty Reduction

Penalty reduction is a Pay to Win (P2W) aspect of redlife. It allows you to completely negate any gear penalties and XP loss incurred by death via RNG. Outfit chest piece grants you 10%, having all 8 outfit parts equipped grants you another 10% and using 5 of the specific P2W pets from the pearl shop grant you 4% each at tier 4 plus one pet at tier 5 (5%). It is also possible to buy the fairy skin “Kibelius”, giving another 5%. Putting the penalty reduction cap at 46%.


Example with 4x t4 and 1x t5 pet, outfit and fairy skin:



Naval Fame (Sea Karma)

There's also a separate stat underneath your normal land karma that indicates whether or not you're a pirate. Naval fame is also family wide and will be used on all of your characters. One of the penalties for negative sea karma, like normal karma, is forced naval PVP in a safezone both on land and on the sea. 

The other penalties consist of:

Not able to use normal wharf managers; you will have to go to Kuit (Pirate) Island in order to repair and resupply.

Like gear, at least one of your ship's items will drop an enhancement level if it is destroyed.


What Is A Red Player?

A Red Player is simply someone who is negative karma, and shouldn't be confused with a Permared player. The main distinction being that a Permared player always has negative karma, whereas an average red player will often switch between the two states.


Different Red Playstyles

Being red is all about how you want to play and doesn't follow just one set of rules or a meta. The most common forms of being red are:


Permared - Always keeping your main character's karma negative. 

Semi Red - Swapping between positive/negative karma on your main character, usually to defend your spot or just to murder people. 

Bounty Hunter - Going negative for a task or a request. They enjoy hunting and are often used to kill protected players of enemy guilds.

Desert Red - Spending most/all of your time in the desert whilst negative karma. Due to the desert mitigating the punishments to being red, this used to be a common way to play.

Pirate - Any player with negative naval fame.


Whilst most of them fall into either semi red or Permared, not all of them fit into a certain box. Different red players have different personalities. Some of them will find and kill AFK players who are lifeskilling, others will only kill in self defence or to protect their spot.  In the end, it boils down to what kind of red you want to play as.


Negative Karma And The Game

Black Desert's negative karma drawbacks aren't just limited to losing crystals and xp on death like explained in Basics of Negative Karma Penalties & What To Expect. It also extends further into the game. As a negative karma player, guards will begin to hunt you as you walk/ride by. 


Most guards can be outscaled by pure DP, damage reduction, and evasion, but the guards in Duvencrune, Grana and O'draxxia deal percentage damage, making these an awful choice as a home base if you plan on going negative.

Different types of guards and how to avoid their damage/ccs will be explained further down.

At night time, some cities will have more or less guards and most of them can CC you.

In game, time zones will also affect night/day as Grana has its night one hour later than Valencia (in game time).


When negative you also cannot use any non-degradable gear. This includes the TET versions of Jetina gear (the PENs work fine), Oasis TRI gear, and any non-degradable quest gear will not work (including the Narchillan set.). However, items like: base Fallen God, base Labreska, and base Godr-Ayed weapons are fine to use when negative karma. When in doubt, consult the item descriptions as they will often times say something along the lines of “※ The item effects are not applied if your character has negative karma.


As for tagging and tagged gear, tagging works fine without any issues and the XP share can be used to level up other characters that you don't die on.
(XP change coupons can be used to transfer the level from the tag over to the main char)
Cloning gear while negative karma is not possible.
Gear can be cloned before going negative karma, but dying on a negative karma char with cloned gear makes the cloned gear disappear entirely.
The gear on the main char is not affected by this in any way.


Negative karma includes all of your characters.
This also includes Trial chars, and most importantly, Season chars.
Season chars can not flag up on normal (non-arsha) season servers, because these servers count as PVP free zones. They can still be killed by other players without any way to defend themselves.
It is recommended to play a red season char always on season Arsha or normal server. 


As well as these penalties, you also are completely unable to access certain functions and areas within the game, most notably the instanced private grind spot (Marni Realm).


The Desert

The desert as a red player used to be a safe haven, as none of the normal death penalties (PVP & PVE degrades) apply there. Whilst negative if you die in the desert to mobs, and decide to respawn town, you will always respawn in Muiquun. This makes the journey easier, as you can take your gear off in Sand Grain and die to Desert Nagas. You can also hop to Valencia through the new fast travel system implemented (Magnus) as well as by using a traveller's map.


Muiquun is mostly a useless town, as it's still a safezone and you're still able to be PKed by blue players.


Not many people play around the desert anymore, but it still is very much possible. There's only one risk when negative in the desert and that's dying to a player and being sent to jail. 


In the desert there's also an outlaw status that is given to you regardless of your karma state when you PK someone outside of GvG and Nodewars. This status will prevent you from going to the battle arena, RBF, Magnus and the likes. If you are killed with this effect, you will be sent to jail.

The effect lasts 30 minutes (or until you're jailed)* and does not apply on Arsha (PVP) servers.

After entering the jail you will get a 60 minute debuff. You can either wait it out and then simply leave the jail by talking to the npc next to you or you can try to escape the jail by running or doing a quest offered by the Jail guard.

The quest tells you to farm 180 Sulfur ur yourself and give it to the guard. You can then simply escape by talking to him again. To finish this quest quickly, high gathering mastery, the use of Agris, the use of a gathering quantity increase pet and the use of the gathering minigame is recommended.

The jail is a maze filled with powerful mobs that do not apply any death penalties. Below is a map that will help you get your bearings in the jail and hopefully help you leave.
To get through the jail you need to run, but you have a heavy slow effect on your character that makes dodging the mobs a lot harder. This effect will be removed after escaping.

In 2024 the Jail guards in the maze got buffed to a point where it is impossible to escape them easily.
It is recommended to use the quest offered by the guard.



After escaping the jail if you are positive karma, you will be placed at the Illiab Oasis and as a red player, you will be placed at Muiquun. You will also regain 30,000 land karma upon escaping.

It's important to note that grind spots like Gahaz and Upper Sulfur do NOT count as the desert and that it's important to not treat it like such, as you do run the risk of downgrading on PvE death.  The easiest way to tell if where you're grinding is in the desert is to check your map, if you cannot see your position then you are in the Desert**.


*Reds will always go to jail when killed in the desert (Exeption Arsha)
** You can still see the map even in the desert, when you have a compass activated.


Muiquun City

As described before, Muiquun is sadly useless for many reasons but it is useful for short stays after a long grind at Pila-Ku or Desert Fogans to repair gear, access the marketplace and just relax for a moment. The NPCs here will refuse to interact with blue players, giving them no reason to be there except for griefing. 


Overall, Muiquun's positioning is awful and just isn't worth spending time in. The grind spots it's surrounded by are also not very good and aren't worth the time aside from the grinding for the map pieces.


Muiquun isn't just useless for this, however. It's treated as a normal safezone, meaning you still can't fight back in Muiquun if you're attacked by a blue player. The guards (at the entrance) of Muiquun also deal lower damage than the normal city guards, so even lower geared blue players can still stay safe in the city without any fear.


The only real benefit to Muiquun is that you don't receive any penalties when you're killed in the city, but this doesn't negate the fact that there are very few benefits.


Muiquun's Quests

Aside from the design of the city itself, while at negative karma, the NPCs of Muiquun will offer you certain quests. These range from dailies to even a main quest offering knowledge that allows you to maximise your energy or to get elephant gear for your guild*.


The main quest is called “Muiquun's Law” and can be started at the NPC named Bertod. The quest line is relatively simple except for the final quest with the desert traders. 


The desert traders are a large group of melee mobs, ranged mobs and 2 traders sat on camels. In order to kill this caravan you must activate forced PVP (Alt+C) and every kill will decrease your karma further (-350,000 to kill the full caravan). 


The mobs themselves deal quite a lot of damage at lower DP brackets and will CC you through your protections and ignore the CC counter. Killing the normal mobs will net you raw silver drops, but after killing the traders (recommended to be killed last), you can get some worthwhile items such as Blue Whale Tendons/Molars, 1G gold bars and even the very small chance to get a piece of the Rich Merchant Ring. They also drop trade items, which can be very inconvenient as they force you to put away your weapon and limit you from fighting any more mobs.


Finding this caravan can be quite tedious and difficult as they follow a set path through the desert, but we have created a guide (below) to aid you in your search. Unfortunately, with this being a game developed by Pearl Abyss, the traders will sometimes get stuck.



The rest of the main quests are very self-explanatory and we will refrain from going into more detail here, however let us know through our Discord if you'd like a dedicated guide to the questline. 


Aside from the main quest, there are a few repeatable quests you can do for small rewards such as HP/Mana potions, a 30% XP buff and a Muiquun supply chest (RNG item, containing carrots, hunter seals and HP/Mana potions). These quests, in no particular order, are:

  • [Daily] Argos Black Crystal - Kill 300 Crescent Shrine mobs
  • Pila-Ku Extermination - Kill 100 Pila-Ku mobs
  • The Happiest Moment - Kill 3 positive karma players (anywhere works, including the BA)
  • [Co-op] Trade Raid: Kill a full trade caravan.


* For the elephant gear ([Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Mask), you need Oberin's Gold which can be purchased from Oberin at the Ibellab Oasis.


Cities And Towns

For whatever reason, small towns like Glish or Keplan are filled to the brim with guards and are generally a big pain to navigate as a red player. The larger towns like Heidel (except for the ones listed under the main header), although you run the risk of being PKed, are generally much safer as they offer more space for mobility and there aren't as many guards.

The best towns without any Guards are following:
Valencia, Eilton, Old Wisdom Tree, All Desert Towns, Altinova (Only at night), All Land of The Morning Light towns, all winter region towns, all of Ulukita.


Staying Safe in Cities

Usually, you can be killed and griefed in safe zones with no way to fight back, but from the times of 10pm until 7am (Night time), red players are completely safe from PVP in cities and towns. 


The tradeoff for this is that guards will cc you during this time. Despite the minimal damage they deal it can be annoying if you're moving items to and from your storage/warehouse. This can be easily avoided by exploiting rooftops, using mousemove to interact with NPCs or sitting on a mount to tank the damage without getting cc'd. 

Sitting on a wagon stops the guards from aggroing on you and also players can not attack you while being in a safezone!

Mouse movement also helps when you don't have the DP yet to tank the damage of the guards.
This can be activated by going into: 

ESC > Settings > Interface > Mouse Interface > Use Mouse to Move and sliding it on.


Here are a few example locations where accessing NPCs via mousemove and rooftops is crucial to not getting attacked whilst in storage or market place.


Velia and Heidel Storage

Red Life


It is completely possible to go red on all classes in BDO and boils down to personal preference.


However, when searching for a class to go red on, you should prioritise mobility, burst and survivability. For example, a class like Musa who's designed around SA trading is not automatically the best choice (but still very much possible), whereas Ninja/Kuno are better as they give you a lot of burst mobility, damage and also have access to a 15+ second invisibility and overall very good survivability.


If you're looking for the most meta way to choose a class for permared or just red activities in general, you should prioritise a few things: The aforementioned burst, mobility and survivability, as well as: 


Their engage/disengage potential. This will allow you to take control of the fight by choosing when to stop and when to start. This is tied somewhat to mobility as being able to get in and out quickly is of utmost importance.


Their TTK (Time To Kill). Focusing on how long a fight will last, their 1vX capabilities and so on. Being able to end a fight quickly will allow you to avoid huge 1vX situations.


Finally, their overall survivability and tankiness. Being able to engage and be engaged by one or more enemies is always useful. Good Iframes and good SA mobility skills as well as a good amount of AoE CCs to stop the enemy.


PVP As A Red

In addition to a good class, most of your chances at survival depend on where you start the fight. Always fight in an area you don't instantly feel at a disadvantage. If it does become unavoidable, take it more as training than a serious fight.


When fighting in a 1vX situation, you need to be completely unwavering in your confidence and ability. Unfortunately, these are not completely avoidable and when the fight becomes too much, always know you have the option to leave.


As you PVP, you will notice that a lot of people use Elion's to revive themselves, it's always a smart idea to watch and wait for a second to make sure they don't revive and attack you in the back. If they respawn, it's also a good idea to figure out where they've respawned to, in order to prevent the same scenario of you getting caught unaware.


When you respawn out of PVP after dying, you receive a short, temporary invincibility period that is nullified by taking out your weapon. Everyone receives this iframe on respawn, and it's a good idea to abuse it when in a tough situation i.e., getting spawn camped.


It's also of great importance to understand that you can leave any fight, at any time, for any reason. Don't play into their provocation as they don't lose anything when they die, you do. 

Leaving is nothing to be ashamed of.

As PVP is a very complex matter in BDO, we won't touch on it further as that would require a guide of its own.  Here (Book of Combat) is a link to a well written guide showing you the basics and what to look for when PVPing.


Getting Hunted

As this is not a PVP guide, we'll keep it brief here. During your time as a red, you will be hunted by people and you will hunt people. 


The easiest way to hunt people used to be knowing their character name and using the Robed Man but as of December 6th 2023, he was retired by PA and is no longer available for use. Now it's preferable to find guildies that will feed you information, or utilising the ranking system to find a player (i.e., a big grinder who is Lv66 appearing near #1).



As for shaking hunters off your trail, you have a few options. Firstly, you can swap channels or you can go into private mode via the character select, hiding your online status.

As a more blanket fix, you can hide all your character info on the official PA website.


If you're a red streamer, you can hide your channel information through Settings > Edit UI and hiding the channel info.


Grinding As A Red

As you are never safe and are permanently flagged for non consensual PVP, it's important that you look for empty spots to grind in peace. 

This is also not a one-size-fits-all circumstance, as contested spots generally rely on the state of the game and not all of the top silver/hr spots are going to automatically be contested. 

As of the writing of this guide some of the most contested spots are: Calpheon Elvia, Elvia Orcs, Stars End, Centaurs, Pot Spots (Manshaum, Ronaros, Blood Wolf etc.) and so on.


The general guideline we would use when trying to find an empty spot would be something like spots that not many people are willing to travel to or are difficult to get to like Sycraia (Lower). As well as spots that have a lot of rotations away from main roads and paths.


It's also important, when grinding, to have an escape plan ready when needed. Keep emergency escape available and quickslot a tough whale potion for its damage reduction buff to help in a pinch if someone attempts to feed you to mobs.

Using expensive crystals is perfectly viable to PvE with, just be wary of crystal protection rates. With how many grind spots there are, it's certainly feasible, but the risk of downgrading and losing crystals is still there!


Gearing Up

Due to the evershifting meta that BDO's PVP resides in, gearing is a crucial step recommended to be taken before you go red. If you decide to go red before you're around 640+ gearscore, it will be drastically harder.


How you gear up depends on your class, but it's usually a good idea to play through the season in order to get full Tuvala (540-550 gearscore), and to take the PEN Capotia Necklace. This will give you the same as the gearset below.



You're then able to turn your Tuvala into guaranteed PEN armour (The common setup being Griffon, Dim Tree, Bheg's, Urugon w/ Kzarka Mainhand & Kutum Offhand. This will vary from class to class, though.) and the same goes for the guaranteed PEN accessory from Jetina. 

It's also important not to go negative with the Jetina TET gear, as you will lose all of your benefits (ap, dp etc.).


At this point, you can grind the perma-potion spots no problem, allowing you to make silver for your accessories and gear as well as work towards the infinite potions. We recommend focusing more on the Permanent HP Potion, as it's easier to grind and you're able to make “small” versions of it. It's also worthwhile to grind for the compass later on, as it allows you to TP party members similarly to the CTG (Command to gather) you get in a guild.


You should also place a lot of focus on doing Igor Bartali's log, as it will allow you to gain extra sheet ap/dp without the need to buy more gear.

Once you're comfortable enough with your gear and ability, you can go red. It is very recommended that you test out your gear in BA (Battle Arena).



As of January 4th 2023, the entire crystal system was overhauled*. There were several changes made to the system itself i.e., crystals being family wide.

This simplifies how crystals work and is a lot easier to understand for newer reds.

Unfortunately because of these changes a lot of basic crystals are very expensive or sold out. 

Crystal choices are heavily influenced by the price of the crystal and what your class needs. Some classes need to stock up on accuracy while others just try to stack extra hidden AP or more evasion.

*Protection and degrades still work the same as before.


Detailed Crystal Guide

The majority of these crystals are cheap, most under 10 million silver and a large amount being even in the 2-3m range. 

Just remember, crystal prices fluctuate over time, so always keep an eye out on the market of your region. The beneath is purely looking at EU market availability as well.

With the new system came a quality of life feature where you can swap crystals almost on-demand. Done so by holding the “ALT” key and clicking the preset you wish to bind. Using this has a small wind-up similar to the new “Escape Escape” timer. This is incredibly useful when grinding end-game spots where you need the more expensive “blue player” crystal sets.


Main Crystals: 

The vast majority of builds should run these. Too much value to pass up.
Can only take 2 of each

Crystal Name


Black Magic Crystal - Precision

Provides acc and much needed Ignore All Resist +10%

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Special Evasion

Best defensive crystal for a red, it's very much worth the 2 slots

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit

One of the best damage increases we can get. 



Secondary Crystals: 

Non filler crystals to take depending on build. 

Can only take 2 of each

Crystal Name


Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility

Best in slot evasion, very budget as well. 20 evasion is nothing to sneeze at

Ancient Magic Crystal - Agility

Second best in slot evasion crystal.

Black Magic Crystal - Ensnare

Accuracy crystal with a pinch of grapple resist.

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Grapple Resist
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Knockback Resist
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Stun Resist
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Knockdown Resis

Class dependent on which is taken. Grapple, Knockdown and Float are all very strong depending on class. Take as needed.

Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Giant
Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine

Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Sturdiness

Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Fighting Spirit

4 variants, all providing 25% resist of each kind. A great crystal for PvE, and has some potential for PvP based on class and gear.



Filler Crystals: 

Best bang for the buck filler. 

Add as needed.

Crystal Name


Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor

Filler crystal for damage reduction.

Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom

“Filler” crystal, provides good tankyness. Note, you HAVE to run 2 or 4. MUST replace when they are lost, due to the stats coming only from the set effect. 

Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod

“Filler” crystal, provides good dps. Note, you HAVE to run 2 or 4. MUST replace when they are lost, due to the stats coming only from the set effect. Good for PvE as well.



Niche Crystals: 

Only for the most unique of setups.

Crystal Name


Magic Crystal of Infinity - Air Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Down Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Back Attack

Very class dependent, only taken for very specific reasons. Back attack does have some use for PvE. 

Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation
Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness
Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine

There are a handful of resist crystals, all with a small stat increase + small amounts of resist. Great additions for specific PvE, less so for PvP

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Absorption

Has some use in PvE or as a pure DP build, but most of the time, not worth the loss of other stats.

Black Magic Crystal - Ascension

Fun crystal for ninja/kuno, but typically not worth the crystal slot. Be aware of what skills it effects, as not all skills are affected by jump height!

Ancient Magic Crystal - Carmae

Gives 1 attack speed and 1 critical hit rate. Used with 4 food rotation, to make up the missing attack speed  and crit hit rate. 



Expensive Tastes:
For the players with too much silver.

Crystal Name


Girin's Fragment

Strictly PvE crystal, boasts a large amount of stats.

Ah'krad Crystal

Strictly PvE crystal. Cheap 5 monster ap, it's very worth to use.

Olucas' Crystal

5 human damage, it's a bit expensive for PvP, but for human damage PvE spots, it's worthwhile. (ex: giants, bloody monastery, or abandoned monastery)

Haetae's Fragment

Best bang for your buck DP crystal, great for high dp meme builds who don't die often. 

Black Magic Crystal - Hystria
WON Magic Crystal - Hystria
BON Magic Crystal - Hystria

Purely for PvP, it's somewhat affordable with a ton of stamina. Potentially worthwhile, but very niche. 

Black Magic Crystal - Viper
WON Magic Crystal - Viper

Great accuracy additions, considering the lack of options we have these days

Bonghwang's Fragment

Efficient amount of stats considering the price. 

Corrupted Magic Crystal

Upgrade of “Magic Crystal of Infinity -
Critical Hit”



Detailed Lightstone + Artifacts Guide


Artifacts can be used for everything. They can not break on death.


Artifact Name

Stats Notes

Marsh's Artifact - Melee AP
Marsh's Artifact - Ranged AP
Marsh's Artifact - Magic AP

4 ap Use vs dr or squishy targets

Marsh's Artifact - Ranged Accuracy
Marsh's Artifact - Melee Accuracy
Marsh's Artifact - Magic Accuracy

8 acc Use vs dr or squishy targets
Use vs evasion targets.
Also good in combination with every lightstone combo, to always have more acc for possible enemy evasion




Artifact Name

Stats Notes

Lesha's Artifact - All Damage Reduction

3 dr For dr builds, use when surrounded by many players

Lesha's Artifact - Melee Damage Reduction

Lesha's Artifact - Ranged Damage Reduction

Lesha's Artifact - Magic Damage Reduction

6 melee/ranged/magic dr For dr builds, swap as needed

Lesha's Artifact - All Evasion

6 eva For evasion builds, use when surrounded by many players

Lesha's Artifact - Melee Evasion
Lesha's Artifact - Ranged Evasion

Lesha's Artifact - Magic Evasion

12 melee/ranged/magic dr

For evasion builds, swap as needed

Kehelle's Artifact - Max HP

75 hp Potentially good for specific classes that have % heals, like caster and succ drak

Kabua's Artifact

100 hp
20 monster dr
7 monster ap
75 stam
A bit unique. BIS hp, and great when fighting around mobs a lot
BIS for PvE




Artifact Name

Stats Notes

Kehelle's Artifact - Max Stamina

50 stam

More iframes please




Artifact Name

Stats Notes
Marsh's Artifact - Extra AP Against Monsters 6 Monster ap Budget BIS PvE artifact

Kabua's Artifact

100 hp

20 monster dr

7 monster ap

75 stam

BIS PvE artifact




Lightstones can break on pvp and pve death while beeing negative karma, that is why it is important to minmax the use of the perfect lightstone set without spending to much money.


Set Name

Lightstone Combination

Set Effect


4x Lightstone of Fire: Rage

17 ap

Use vs dr or squishy targets

Focused 4x Lightstone of Fire: Marked 28 acc

Use vs eva targets



Set Name

Lightstone Combination

Set Effect

Rigid Shield 4x Lightstone of Earth: Iron Wall

30 dr

Great for DR stacking classes like valk, war, or nova

Centaurus 4x Lightstone of Earth: Waves

48 eva

BIS evasion setup

Steel Shield 2x Lightstone of Earth: Iron Wall
2x Lightstone of Earth: Waves
18 dr
30 eva

A bit of a niche setup for evasion. Efficient evasion to dr tradeoff. 

Steel Heart

4x Lightstone of Wind: Heart

450 hp

A bit of a niche setup for hp stackers, potentially good for succ drak or valks


Set Name

Lightstone Combination

Set Effect

Trained Fists

2x Lightstone of Fire: Rage
1x Lightstone of Fire: Marked
1x Lightstone of Wind: Lungs

14 ap

12 acc

75 stam

Niche setup, be aware that replacing these will be a pain

Enhanced Focus

1x Lightstone of Fire: Rage
2x Lightstone of Fire: Marked
1x Lightstone of Wind: Lung

7 ap

24 acc

75 stam

Niche setup, be aware that replacing these will be a pain

Improved Breathing

1x Lightstone of Fire: Rage
1x Lightstone of Fire: Marked
2x Lightstone of Wind: Lung

7 ap

12 acc
150 stam

Niche setup, be aware that replacing these will be a pain


4x Lightstone of Wind: Lungs

250 stam

More Iframes please


PvE - Cheap

Set Name

Lightstone Combination

Set Effect

Savage 4x Lightstone of Fire: Rage 17 ap Budget BIS setup for PvE




EXPENSIVE! Use at your own risk! These are very very good, but are very risky.
There are for sure more sets that are potentially worth using, but they won't be listed here.


PvE - Expensive!

Set Name

Lightstone Combination

Set Effect

The Wild: Humans 3x Lightstone of Fire: Blight
1x Iridescent Lightstone
30 human Kind of niche due to the price, not many useful spots for it outside of Giants
The Wild: Demihumans 3x Lightstone of Fire: Roar
1x Iridescent Lightstone
30 demi
Great setup for lots of spots while being somewhat “affordable”
The Wild:  Kamasylvia 3x Lightstone of Fire: Fallen
1x Iridescent Lightstone
30 kama Great setup for lots of spots while being somewhat “affordable”




Buff/Meal Rotations

As a red it's important to always be buffed. This is because you're both at a disadvantage due to your crystals but also because you are permanently flagged for pvp and need to be on your toes.


The normal buff rotation would usually be an Exquisite Cron Meal*, Full Church (Attack + Protection), Giant's Draughts. It is possible to use a full elixir rotation, but isn't commonly done as a red. As elixir rotations are far more endgame, we will not discuss them here, however here is a guide to them.


Also useful are House Item buffs. They give you immense benefits for a reasonable amount of money. These buffs often stay up to over 3 hours and help in PVP and PVE.
House Item buffs can not be stacked with each other.

*This is because the trade off in DR and Human damage for an Exquisite Cron Meal compared to full buffs (Special Kamasylvia, Special Valencia, Jumbo King Hamburg and Knight Combat.) is minimal and Cron Meals are far more convenient.


Server Region Differences

This entire guide focuses on the EU/NA Region.

Most of this info is also true for other regions that currently exist like NA, EU, Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia, and MENA
Some of these regions, however, have slight differences compared to the basic information in this guide.


Korea + Global labs:

  • PVP death includes the gear degrade penalty. Ways to avoid the degrade are still the same. 
  • TOS of Korea include a rule that does not allow spawn camping. This rule does not exist on EU/NA



  • TOS of Japan also includes a rule that does not allow spawn camping.


Passing Remarks

  1. Ghillies used to be very useful as they would hide your red nameplate, this was unfortunately nerfed and ghillies are no longer a necessity.

  2. If a player is using the enemy ping skill on their pet, you will always be pinged unless using ninja/kuno invis. You will also be pinged while being in Emergency Escape (V).

  3. Up until recently, beds were a good way to stay safe at home as you were in an iframe with them, this has since been problematic as classes with a pet (Tamer, Wiz, etc.) can cc you out of it.

  4. Fall damage does not count as PVE or PVP death and does not incur penalties.

  5. AFKing on your main character isn't advised and you're better off doing one of a few things: Swapping to a 2nd character that can't degrade anything important, sitting in dead, far away spots from the road, AFKing in the Magnus, sitting in character select or in BA.

  6. Although blue players don't receive the same penalties as red players, killing them will still destroy their trade items and fish.

  7. If you ever want to recover your karma back to a positive state, the following grind spots will give you the highest karma recovery:
    Pila Ku Jail (Valencia region)
    Upper Sycraia (Balenos/Ocean Region)
    Polly Forest (Kamasylve Region)
    Other notable mentions: Elrics, Helms, Nagas, Fogans, Tshira ruins, Blood Wolves, Lower Gyfin, Upper Gyfin.
    It is also recommended to use the +50% karma recovery buff from the Loyalty shop, use pets with the karma recovery skill and check if your guild has the karma recovery skill maxed out.
  8. You can exploit BAs 2-6 to avoid people when swapping around skill addons or practising.

  9. As a Semi-Redplayer, you can simply place an alt char with tuvalu gear at Pilaku Jail and swap to it in order to quickly grind karma.

  10. Being red land karma but positive karma on the ocean, boats can still hit your boat (The boat that hits you gets his ocean karma reduced!)

  11. Mob Feeding War enemies, duels or negative karma players, does not protect them from punishments like crystal loss.



Whilst it seems like there are entirely negatives to going red, there are certainly positives. As a red you receive a red nameplate signifying that you're a badass, you also can't be affected by the exploiters known as karma-bombers, and griefers just don't matter to you anymore. You have the opportunity to become known across channels, and BDO never becomes stale as you're always kept on your toes with PVP around the corner.

No matter your karma state, when a player breaks the TOS of BDO, like heavy insults (example: “kys”, or “kill yourself”, etc.), always go to the official BDO website or the Ingame Report function and report them as fast as possible.



  1. Question:
    What happens to Caphra levels when the gear degrades to PvE death?

    On a degradation from Pen to Tet, and Tet to Tri, the Caphra level adjusts to the new enchantment level. Everything that goes over Caphra level 20 disappears permanently. On a degradation from Tri to Duo, all Caphra levels permanently disappear

  2. Question:
    Tagged char and negative karma. How does it work and how is cloned gear applied to it?
    Tagging and cloning gear as a redplayer. What changed with the family karma?

    Easy Answer: As a Permared, cloning gear is impossible. As a semi-red it is possible but not really worth it for most people.
    You can use positive karma to clone the gear and then go negative karma but when you die on the tagged char, the cloned items disappear. The best idea is to tag a char without cloned gear, allowing you to use escape and treasure items more than once.

  3. Question:
    XP Share between Tagged chars. Can you level up as a red player without punishments?

    Yes! You can tag a char and freely grind on your main.
    The tagged char also gains the same amount of XP as the main character and is claimed by using the “Collect XP” interaction.

    While dying still reduces the XP of the character that you died on, it does not reduce the XP of the character that is tagged. You can simply level up the tagged character and then, when the desired level is reached, simply transfer the level onto your main.

  4. Question:
    Can you lose crystals, or even degrade, in the Land of The Morning light black shrines?

    No. You can't lose anything doing the black shrines in the LOML except for your temporary buffs, like elixirs. You can be attacked after leaving the black shrine but even while being CC'd or fighting back, you can start a new black shrine and it will swap you into the instance.


AoE - Area of Effect, skills that encompass a large area i.e., Wizard's Meteor Shower

AP - Attack Points, a rough estimation of how much damage you deal.

AFK - Away From Keyboard.

Arsha servers - Special servers that allow you to PVP without losing karma.

Artifacts - An item that grants you extra stats similar to crystals. These can also be slotted with lightstones for extra bonuses.

BA - Battle Arena, a place where players can PVP in an arena.

Brackets - A bonus to your AP/DP gained by hitting a certain amount.

CC - Crowd Control, being knocked down, grabbed, stiffened etc.

DP/Damage Reduction - A defence stat that lowers incoming damage. 

Etc. - Et cetera, used to show the list isn't exhaustive and doesn't contain everything.

Flagging - Using the bind Alt+C to enable forced PVP.

GvG - Guild vs Guild, a war.

Iframe - A protection state where your character takes zero damage.

I.e., - Id est, used to show an example

Karma - BDO's system to track evil players and a way of punishing them.

LOML - The new region replacing Port Ratt, Land of The Morning Light

Mob fed/Mob feeding - A strategy in which players get you to low health in order to “feed” you to mobs.

Muiquun - A town in the desert designed as a safe haven for red players.

Naval Karma - A separate stat that is lowered by forcefully PVPing boats.

Nodewars - A large-scale war usually played by large guilds.

PK - Player Kill(ing).

PVP - Player vs Player.

RBF - Red Battlefield, a PVP conquest/domination type gamemode.

Sand Grain - Sand Grain Bazaar, the town you encounter before the desert.

SA - Super Armor, a protection state where you cannot be CCed by skills, only grabbed.


Credits & Special Thanks

Sklema - Permared, Muiquun's Leader, Screenshots, Writer, Informations, Reviewer, Accessibility.

Akito - Permared, Provided useful information, Jail Map.

Kino - Permared, Muiquun Officer, Reviewer, Provided tweaks.

Remminialux - Permared, Proofreader, Provided useful info, Accessibility.

Inq - Permared, Writer, Screenshots.
Twigstalker - providing a detailed list of useful crystals, artifacts and lightstones

Corvo - Accessibility reviewer.

& You, for reading.


March 2024:

  • Added info to Wagons interaction with players and guards (Thanks to @cannabismj comment under the guide
  • Updated Basics of Negative karma with more Infos (Thanks to @cannabismj comment under the guide)
  • Fixed Typos
  • added the Muiquun Guide to