Sunset Artina Sol

Shai Blackstar Equivalent

By nyaiera

Published: Nov 15, 2023




Sunset Artina Sol


Shai have been given a weapon to compete with a Blackstar Awakening, the Sunset Artina Sol! 
  • Instead of a new weapon, the upgrade is done through reforming a Artina Sol weapon
  • The upgrade has been added with the intention of helping Shai in end game PVE spots 
  • A Blackstar weapon wasn't added as devs didn't want to lose the unique aspect of a Artina Sol 
  • The upgrade is expensive in an attempt to not be too easy to obtain when compared to Blackstar


This upgrade has been added to work as a PVE only improvement to Shai's performance at end game. 

Stat Comparison 

Another reason that the devs mentioned that they didn't want to just add a Blackstar Awakening weapon for Shai characters is because Artina Sol isn't listed on the Central Market. 


But this new upgrade for the Artina Sol isn't the exact same stats as a PEN Blackstar Awakening, instead it is given an Extra AP Against Monsters +35 buff. 



The Blackstar weapon obviously has more AP as well as the Extra AP against Monsters and Extra Damage to All Species. 


The benefit to Artina Sol is that it has several effects that buff Shai exclusive skills, so this could lessen the difference between the two weapons. 


Here is the new Sunset version of the Artina Sol which includes the +35 Monster AP, with no additional damage to All species.



The 35 Monster AP is given to be comparable to the +35 total stats given to Blackstar weapons by the Extra AP against Monsters and Extra Damage to All Species. 


However the biggest difference is that you won't gain any extra sheet AP, still being 122 ~ 131 vs the 131 ~ 142 PEN Blackstar, so the upgrade won't help in hitting any additional AP brackets.  


This difference is probably because of the price cost comparison between the two different weapons. 

There is the drawback of how the tagging system works, not allowing Shai's awakening weapon to be tagged for use on other characters. 


How to Craft the Sunset Artina Sol 

The method of actually crafting the new weapon upgrade is really easy, there's no quests or time gated progression but it is expensive. 


The way it works is similarly to a Reform stone, there's no RNG involved, just the crafting of this weapon upgrade stone. 


Item Name Crafting Recipe
Sunset Glow Crystal

 Remnants of the Rift x1

Caphras Stone x10,000


Magical Shard x300 


Forest Fury x20


Combine using the Heating process (L)


You can combine the items using Heating (L) to create the Sunset Glow Crystal, here's an image of it: 



Once you've created the Sunset Glow Crystal, you can right click on it to open the Reform window, which will then let you select your Artina Sol


The Sunset Glow Crystal also can't be added to the Central Marketplace and niether can the Sunset Artina Sol.  


Removing the Sunset Upgrade 

If you decide that you no longer want your weapon to be reformed with the Sunset upgrade, you can remove it from the weapon and dissemble it for Caphras Stones.


This is useful if you're rerolling off Shai, letting you take out the crystal so it's not completely wasted. 


To remove the Sunset reform stone from your Sunset Artina Sol you'll need a Restoration Stone which can be purchased from any Blacksmith in major cities. 



You can use the Restoration Stone by right clicking it which will open the Reform window, you'll be able to add your Sunset Artina Sol to remove the Sunset Glow crystal. 


Once you've extracted the Sunset Glow Crystal you can heat it in order to receive 10000 x Caphras Stones


Item Name Crafting Recipe

Caphras Stone x10,000

Sunset Glow Crystal

Forest Fury x1


Combine using the Heating process (L)


Price Comparison 

While it might not be an exact replacement for a Blackstar Awakening weapon, it comes close where as the price point differs quite a lot. 


To create the Sunset Glow Crystal the most expensive component is obviously the 10000 x Caphras Stones



At 3 million Silver each, you're looking at around 30 billion for the Caphras Stones which make up the majority of the cost of making the stone. 


The next most expensive is the 300 Magical Shards, but even that only comes to around 1.3 billion: 



The Forest Fury needed are cheap by comparison as you only need 20 of them, costing around 100 mil. 



 Remnants of the Rift can be obtained by doing your Dark Rifts but they're pretty cheap at 280 million. 



In total, you're looking at around about 31.6 billion Silver, which isn't exactly a cheap upgrade, but when compared to the price of a PEN Blackstar it seems reasonable. 




So what do you think is this a good enough option for Shai's to compete with Blackstar Awakening Weapons?