Item Unification & Yaz's Pouch

Item Unification

By nyaiera

Published: Jan 14, 2024

Updated: Feb 03, 2024




Item Unification & Yaz's Pouch


To help with Item bloat, some items have been unified along with the Yaz's Pouch being added
  • The Yaz's Pouch makes combining items much simpler, no longer using auto arranging 
  • With the Yaz's Pouch being added, several combinable items have been made to stack
  • As some items are being changed or removed, they'll be listed within this guide 
  • Seasonal gear enhancement items have also been effected by the item unification changes. 


For major item changes and adjustments, more items will be added to this guide for reference. 


Yaz's Pouch

You can access the new Yaz's Pouch from your inventory, no quest is required and there's nothing needed to be done to unlock it. 


The button for it is just under the Weight section of your inventory, this section of the inventory will function just the same as previously arranging summon items. 



Yaz's Pouch will then be usable to combine items, the most common one being summon items obtained through grinding. 



This means that you don't need to sort or re-adjust your inventory just to try and combine your items. Along with this update, several combinable items have been made stackable. 


As an example of just how much of a difference this will make, here is a gif example taken from the patch notes: 



This can save plenty of inventory spaces, especially in Valencia grinding zones where you get plenty of Scrolls Written in Ancient Language


It's a really great change and something that will really benefit newer players or alt characters that might not have as many inventory spaces available. 


Item Unification

One of the biggest mentions of the Calpheon Ball in 2023 was the list of item changes coming to the game. This was brought about due to the item bloat was effecting the new player experience. 


In line with this, items are undergoing changes to make them more streamlined. 


Beginner Black Stone Consolidation

This is one of the simpler item unifications, the beginner black stones have been combined to be usable on armor and weapons. 


This will let you enhance Naru Gear with just one item, here's the tooltip for the new unified item: 


Seasonal Enhancement Materials

Here is the materials needed before the changes: 


Time-filled Black Stone
Refined Magical Black Stone
Tuvala Ore
- Tuvala Gear Enhancement - Guaranteed Enhancement of Tuvala Gear - Recover max durability of Tuvala Gear
- Exchange for Tuvala accessories


After the changes all of these are now handled by Time-filled Black Stones like below: 


Time-filled Black Stone
- Enhancement/Guaranteed Enhancement of Tuvala Gear
- Exchange for Tuvala accessories
- Recover max durability of Tuvala Gear
※ The number of consumed items will vary based on its usage.



Along with these changes, Seasonal Gear cannot downgrade below TRI to make the enhancement process easier for new players. 


Outfits Moved to Pearl Inventory

While not strictly item unification or part of the Yaz's Pouch update, some outfit items or equippable items have been moved from the regular inventory to the pearl inventory.


This helps to save space in your regular inventory and will let you carry around things like holiday equipable items. 



After equipping an outfit item stored in the regular Inventory and then unequipping will move it to the Pearl Inventory.


Individual & Party Elixir Consolidation

Elixirs will now no longer need you to craft [Party] versions to use them for a party, this has been consolidated into the regular Elixirs.


This might not seem like much but when you think how many Elixirs are in the game and how many [Party] versions have subsuquently been removed, it's quite a reduction in needless items. 



The duration of the Elixirs have also been changed to allow Green Elixirs to last for 10 minutes while Blue Elixirs will last 15 minutes. 


This has increased from the previous 5 minute and 8 minute durations for the old Green and Blue Elixirs. 


Because of the changes to how Elixirs function, the Aal's Tear item has been removed from stores and converted to an NPC sellable item, as Party Elixirs are no longer crafted.  



Lower-tier Gathering Tools Simplified to Magical Gathering Tools

With how many items are in the game for life skilling, the devs have decided to try and simplify the tools available, this has started with some craftable options being made unavailable. 


Crafting items made unavailable
Lumbering Axe
Sharp Lumbering Axe
Steel Lumbering Axe
Shining Steel Lumbering Axe
Lucky Lumbering Axe
Lucky Sharp Lumbering Axe
Lucky Steel Lumbering Axe
Lucky Shining Steel Lumbering Axe
Fluid Collector
Sharp Fluid Collector
Sturdy Fluid Collector
Shining Fluid Collector
Lucky Fluid Collector
Lucky Sharp Fluid Collector
Lucky Sturdy Fluid Collector
Lucky Shining Fluid Collector
Butcher Knife
Sharp Butcher Knife
Steel Butcher Knife
Shining Steel Butcher Knife
Lucky Butcher Knife
Lucky Sharp Butcher Knife
Lucky Steel Butcher Knife
Lucky Shining Steel Butcher Knife
Sharp Pickaxe
Steel Pickaxe
Shining Steel Pickaxe
Lucky Pickaxe
Lucky Sharp Pickaxe
Lucky Steel Pickaxe
Lucky Shining Steel Pickaxe
Bronze Hoe
Steel Hoe
Shining Steel Hoe
Lucky Hoe
Lucky Bronze Hoe
Lucky Steel Hoe
Lucky Shining Steel Hoe
Tanning Knife
Sharp Tanning Knife
Steel Tanning Knife
Shining Steel Tanning Knife
Lucky Tanning Knife
Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife
Lucky Steel Tanning Knife
Lucky Shining Steel Tanning Knife


To compensate for this the requirement for using a lot of the tools has also been adjusted and now has no Gathering Level Limit.



Now, Magical life skill tools will be available in level 3 tool workshops, here are the crafting requirements: 


Life Tool Crafting Material
Magic Lumbering Axe Maple Timber x1, Steel x3, Iron Ingot x10, Black Stone Powder x5
Magic Hoe Maple Timber x1, Steel x2, Iron Ingot x10, Black Stone Powder x5
Magic Butcher Knife Maple Timber x 1, Steel x 1, Iron Ingot x 10, Fine Hard Hide x1, Black Stone Powder x4
Magic Tanning Knife Maple Timber x1, Steel x1, Iron Ingot x10, Fine Hard Hide x1, Black Stone Powder x5
Magic Pickaxe Maple Timber x1, Steel x4, Iron Ingot x10, Black Stone Powder x5
Magic Fluid Collector Steel x2, Iron Ingot x10, Black Stone Powder x5


Now that better lifeskill tools can be crafted from the tool workshops, the standard white lifeskilling tools available from merchants have been improved. 



Weapon/Armor Reform Stone Simplification

As Item Reform stones are rarely used now, especially tiers 1-3, they have been consolidated into only Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stones.


The Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stone crafting has been added to Refinery level 3.


Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone Crafting Materials Ultimate Armor Reform Stone Crafting Materials
Steel x50
Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
Black Crystal x30
Red Tree Lump x20
Clown's Blood x20
Black Stone Powder x400
Steel x 40
Hard Black Crystal Shard x 1
Black Crystal x 30
Old Tree Bark x 20
Clown's Blood x 20
Black Stone Powder x 400


Because of this, some of the Hunter's Seals rewards have also been adjusted. 


Before After
Hunter's Seal x5: Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone x1
Hunter's Seal x5: Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone x1
Hunter's Seal x100: Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone x1
Hunter's Seal x50: Ultimate Armor Weapon Reform Stone x1


Accessories and Combineable Drops

To further reduce the amount of items within the game, drop items that are used to craft accessories are being removed and replaced with just dropping the regular accessory. 


Tears of the Arid River
Moon's Split Nail
Cold Tears of the Black Sun
Liberated Breath of Sylvia
Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt
Basilisk's Piece - Ring
Basilisk's Piece - Alignment Pin
Cadry's Piece - Blue Ring
Cadry's Piece - Ruby Ornament
Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration
Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot
Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament



Because of this, the drop rate for the affected zones have been adjusted to compensate for the changes: 

Accessory Changed Drop Rate
Basilisk's Belt Basilisk's Belt Drop Rate + "Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt" Drop Rate
Ring of Cadry Guardian Ring of Cadry Guardian Drop Rate + "Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration" Drop Rate
Orkinrad's Belt Orkinrad's Belt Drop Rate
+ "Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot" Drop Rate + "Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament" Drop Rate


Revived River Necklace and Revived Lunar Necklace have been added to the below Elvia locations as the combinable drops have been removed: 

Monster Zones
Biraghi Den [Elvia]
Swamp Nagas [Elvia]
Swamp Fogans [Elvia]
Altar Imps [Elvia]
Bloody Monastery [Elvia]


Because these combinable items have been removed, partial or crafting materials have been removed and exchanged for the completed item. 


Check your Storage or Central Market Storage, you may have been given completed necklaces.


Magical Crystal Changes

Some crystals have been adjusted or removed to cut down on item amounts and to simplify certain crystal groups.  


Life Crystal & Vital Crystal

Instead of having crystals for each life skill, Life Crystals and Vital Crystals have been simplified to provide their bonuses to all types of life skill.


Before After

11 Types of Life Crystal
 - Gathering/Fishing/Hunting/Cooking/Alchemy/Processing/Training/Trading/Sailing/Farming/Barter
Life Crystal

8 Types of Vital Crystal -
Vital Crystal


Deletion of Certain Crystals

Some less commonly used Magical Crystals have been removed from the game as well: 


Magic Crystal Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame Magic Crystal of Abundance Magic Crystal of the Sun
Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame
Magic Crystal - Destruction
Magic Crystal - Temptation
Magic Crystal - Meditation
Magic Crystal - Enchantment
Magic Crystal - Agony
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Carnage (3 types)
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Precision
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power
Magic Crystal of Abundance - Healing
Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor
Magic Crystal of Abundance - Patience
Magic Crystal of Abundance - Resonance
Magic Crystal of Abundance - Vigor
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Ensnare
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Valor
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Sturdiness
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Boulder
Magic Crystal of the Sun - Assault
Magic Crystal of Nature Magic Crystal of Enhancement Magic Crystal of Infinity
Magic Crystal of Nature - Swiftness
Magic Crystal of Nature - Ascension
Magic Crystal of Nature - Descent
Magic Crystal of Nature - Endurance
Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine
Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Intimidation
Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Memory
Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Vision
Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility
Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Experience
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Carnage (3 types)
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Precision
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Power
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Vigor
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Patience
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Healing
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Resonance
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Swiftness
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Adamantine
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ascension
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Descent
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Endurance
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Sturdiness
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Valor
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ensnare
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Strength
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Memory
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Intimidation
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Vision
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Agility
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Durability
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Speed Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Counter Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Siege
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Melee Defense
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ranged Defense
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Magic Defense
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Melee Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ranged Attack
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Magic Attack




What do you think of the item changes? Any items we missed? Let us know!

-- Change log - Updated Item Lists  - 18/01/2024

-- Added accessory changes and updated list - 25/01/2024

-- Added Magical Crystal updates - 03/02/2024