Artifacts and Lightstones

Customize Your Stats!

By nyaiera

Published: Mar 28, 2024




Artifacts and Lightstones


Lightstones are a form of gear in Black Desert that allow for some extra stat increases!
  • Players have 2 artifact slots and each artifact can be equipped with 2 lightstones for more stats
  • Certain combinations of lightstones will provide set bonuses that give even greater stats
  • Artifacts setups can be quickly changed to suit the situation by using Artifact presets
  • Artifacts and Lightstones can buff Combat or Life Skill stats, making them great for any playstyle 


How to Use Artifacts

To access your Artifacts you can open your inventory (I) and click on the Artifact Inventory, which will also let you view presets and lightstones. 


Black Desert Artifacts and Lightstones guide How to use Artifacts


When you open the Artifact Inventory you'll be able to store Artifacts in there by right clicking on them in your inventory.


Black Desert Artifacts and Lightstones guide Artifact Inventory


To insert Lightstones into your Artifacts, click on the infusion button as pictured above, this will bring up a new Infusion UI window. 


Black Desert Artifacts and Lightstones Guide Infusions


You'll be able to slot in Lightstones by clicking the Lightstones section, any Lightstone Combination Effect will be displayed in the Infusion UI window too. 


We also have a full list of available Lightstone Combinations and their effects that you can use right here!


Obtaining Artifacts

Artifacts can be obtained via quests, defeating monsters, Dark Rifts, World Bosses, Boss Summon Scrolls, guild bosses, etc. 


The easiest way to find out if a grind spot drops Artifacts is to use our Artifacts tool page, here! 


You can click the "Artifacts" button to switch between viewing Artifact stats or Artifact locations, which will show a comprehensive list on where to obtain the different Artifacts. 


Garmoth Black Desert Artifacts and Lightstones tool


You can also use the Monster Zone Info UI in game by hitting Esc - F5 - Monster Zone Info which will let you search through different zones.   


Garmoth Black Desert Artifact Monster Zone Info


You can also obtain Artifacts by quests as previously mentioned, you may have one from your Black Spirit, or you can access the ones in the Suggested tab. 


Garmoth Black Desert Artifact Quests


This mini quest line will also give you some lightstones as well as some PvE based Artifacts for completing a few quests:


Garmoth Black Desert Artifacts and Lightstones Quest rewards


Kabua's Artifact

Kabua's Artifact is considered the best in slot Artifact for PvE content thanks to it's built in item stats. It can also be purchased from the Central Marketplace.



It can be obtained from Dark Seekers Retreat in Ulukita as a rare drop, or crafted by using 100x Kabua's Fragment which drop from the same zone. 


To craft Kabua's Artifact you'll need to use 100x Kabua's Fragment and x100 Magical Lightstone Crystal by using Manufacture (L). 



The fragments can also be purchased on the Central Marketplace if you need some extras.


Converting Artifacts to Lightstones

If you obtain an Artifact you don't want or need, you can convert it into Lightstones. This can increase your silver per hour in locations where Artifacts drop, as the Lightstones can be sold. 


You can just use Simple Alchemy (L) with any Artifact x1 to obtain Purified Lightstone x1-2 



You won't need any other ingredients for the SImple Alchemy


The Purified Lightstones are basically RNG Lightstone bundles that can be used to obtain Lightstones at a random chance, but they also sell for a decent amount. 



So if you have spare Artifacts or ones you don't need, you might want to convert them into Purified Lightstones for some extra silver.  


Obtaining Lightstones

Other than converting Aritfacts, you can grab some Lightstones with the suggested questline mentioned earlier, which will introduce you to how they work. 


Unlike Artifacts, Lightstones can also be purchased from the Central Marketplace so can be easier to obtain.


We also have the grinding locations for each type of stone just like with the Artifacts, right here! 


You can also obtain them by defeating monsters, doing dark rifts, world bosses, boss summon scrolls and guild bosses. 


For life skill focused Lightstones, you can obtain the imperfect lightstone of flora by doing life skill activities, however, you cannot obtain them from barehanded gathering, water scooping, nor shoveling.


Using Alchemy for Lightstones 

You can also use an alchemy tool in your house to make Lighstones if you have Guru level 1 or higher Alchemy. 

There's also a chance to get an additional lightstone of any element at a very low probability when you convert an imperfect lightstone into a purified lightstone.


Completed Item 

Alchemy Materials 

Purified Lightstone of Fire 

Imperfect Lightstone of Fire x1
Black Gem Fragment x10 *
Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10
Powder of Flame x50 

Clear Liquid Reagent x50 

Purified Lightstone of Earth 

Imperfect Lightstone of Earth x1 

Black Gem Fragment x10 *

Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10 
Powder of Earth x50 

Pure Powder Reagent x50 

Purified Lightstone of Wind 

Imperfect Lightstone of Wind x1 

Black Gem Fragment x10 *

Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10

Powder of Rifts x50
Clear Liquid Reagent x50 

Purified Lightstone of Flora 


Imperfect Lightstone of Flora x1 

Black Gem Fragment x10 *

Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10 

Powder of Time x50 

Pure Powder Reagent x50 


*You can also change out the x10 Black Gem Fragment for x10 Magical Lightstone Crystal.


Magical lightstone Crystals are obtained by exchanging lightstones with Alchemist NPC Dalishain available in cities.


You can also exchange Imperfect Lightstones and 20 million silver to Alchemist NPC Dalishain to recieve a Purified Lightstone. 

This method isn't really worth it though as the Purified Lighstones are usually less that 20 million on the Central Marketplace. 


Iridescent Lightstones

Iridescent Lightstones are a special kind of Lightstone used for certain combos, it can be obtained in a number of ways:


The stone doesn't have an item effect, so make sure you're using it in a combo if you decide to grab one.


You can also obtain them from Purified Lightstones but it's not a reliable way to obtain them. Iridescent Lightstones are also available on the Central Marketplace. 


Extracting Lightstones

You can extract Lightstones for free by right clicking on them when in the Infusion window, letting you remove the Lightstone from your Artifact.



Using this method will delete the Lightstone entirely, meaning you won't be able to re-use or sell it, the item will be destroyed. 


If you'd like to remove a Lightstone from an Artifact but don't want to destroy it, you can use an item called a Lightstone Extraction Tool



You can purchase tools forLightstone extraction from a blacksmith for 10 million silver then speak to the Blacksmith and use the Extract option. 

You'll then be able to select the "Extract Lighstone" option, which will let you use your Lightstone Extraction Tool



Artifact & Lightstone Combos

This section will give a few suggestions on which Lightstone combos to use as there is quite a lot of different options.


Remember we also have a full list of available Lightstone Combinations and their effects that you can use right here!


So if you'd like to look for something that suits your playstyle, feel free to take a look. You can also search for stat types.


Click on the downwards arrow next to the search bar to bring up the stat search menu: 



You'll then be able to add filters to help you find the stats you're looking for across the different Lightstone combos: 



The example combos below will be taken from our Artifacts tool page, as such here's a quick key to help if you're new to artifacts: 

Type of Lightstone

Lightstone of Fire

Lightstone of Earth

Lightstone of Wind

Lightstone of Flora


On our Artifact tool the names will be displayed as just the type of Lightstone, for example a Lightstone of Fire: Predation will appear as just Predation.


If you need to full size any images below, remember you can click on them to enlarge them for a better look. 


PvE Lightstone Combos

For PvE I'd recommend the Marsh's Artifact for starting out and then moving on to the Kabua's Fragment which is the obivous best in slot. 


The reason for the Marsh's Artifact which gives monster damage instead of AP is that the Marsh gives +6 Monster AP vs the usual +4 AP. 



Dedication adds a huge amount of extra Combat Exp, it's great for newer players who don't need extra damage in one shot or early game spots. 


It also stacks with Resplendent Kydict's Crystals to provide a bunch of extra Combat EXP for alts or newer players. It's also super cheap!



The Wild

These are cheap sets and the Artifacts I recommended both give Monster AP that will stack with the below effects. 


Any of "The Wild" set of combinations are a good starting point, Extra AP against monsters is the most cost effective, especially for new players, as it will effect all areas. 



However, if you're at the point where you're breaking past Monster AP Caps and won't receive a benefit from additional Monster AP, you can use the species damage as a way around that. 


But chances are, if you're breaking past caps you're probably not running "The Wild" anyway. 



Deathblow is a decent option, a little more expensive than the previously mentioned, but the Critical Hit Chance and extra Monster AP is nice. 



With how common critical hit chance can be obtained, like from skill add-ons, you might be better off with different options. 


Vicious Shadows

Vicious Shadows is a really good option, it gives a mix of Monster AP, Back attack Damage and Crit Hit Damage. 



The back attack damage is reliable and effects grind spots across the board instead of damage types like Down Attack.


If you're using Magic Crystals suited for Back Attacks for certain areas, it's even better as it helps stack up the Back Attack damage. 



As the name implies, this setup focuses everything on damage, lowering your defenses in exchange for more damage



The difficulty with this setup is that Lightstone of Fire: Strikes are pretty uncommon and expensive.


If you're using the Kabua's Fragment it will offset the reduction in your defenses against monsters, letting you take advantage of the high attack bonuses. 


Still, I'd consider All-Out-Attack an end game option that requires a decent bit of gear to really be viable. 


Behind the Shadow

This is a decent option if you feel like you need some more accuracy, but still want to benefit from extra AP and back attack damage



The extra bit of stamina is nice too, but generally this is a pick up for accuracy and back attack rather than AP.


PvP Lightstone Options

For PvP Artifacts I'd still recommend the Kabua's Fragment for the HP bonuses it provides as Best in Slot for defensive options.


For more starter builds you could use Lesha's Artifact – All Evasion, Lesha's Artifact – All Damage Reduction or Kehelle's Artifact – Max HP


If you want a more glass cannon, damage focused build, you can use the Marsh's Artifact that suits the damage type of your class. 


Type of Damage Classes that use the damage type Artifact to use
Melee Damage 

Warrior, Guardian, Lahn, Berserker, Shai, Striker, Musa, Maehewa, Mystic, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Ninja, Nova, Corsair, Drakania, Scholar

Marsh's Artifact - Melee AP 

Ranged Damage

Ranger, Archer

Marsh's Artifact - Ranged AP

Magic Damage

Hashashin, Sorceress, Tamer, Dark Knight, Wizard, Witch, Sage, Woosa, Maegu

Marsh's Artifact - Magic AP


The same would apply to Marsh's Artifact Accuracy variants which can be useful for some Lightstone combos.  



Untouchable is basically the defensive staple, it provides a lot of value in both damage reduction and evasion while providing extra HP. 


This set can also be used if you're trying end game zones you've never tried before and are worried about dying. 



It also provides some extra Special Attack Evasion that will help to reduce incoming damage, especially as people tend to run Special Attack Evasion in their Magic Crystals too. 


Other Defensive Options

If you'd like to focus solely on one defensive option or just need an option that is cheaper, you can try some of the following, they're pretty self explainatory. 





Target Openings

Generally considered the offensive PvP best in slot choice, it has a mix of stats all well suited for PvP. There's not a lot to say about it. 


Ap, Acc, Stamina and Critical Hit Damage are all great stats for dealing damage, the only downside is needing a strike. 



The Wild: Humans

Another option is to go all out Extra Damage to Humans, it's cheaper and doesn't require a Strike, but it also lacks accuracy and critical hit damage. 


You can pair this with Marsh's Artifact Accuracy variants to grab some accuracy to compensate for the lack of accuracy from the Lightstone Combo. 



While basically the same as Target Openings without needing a Strike, it lacks the Critical Hit Damage.


How important that is depends on your opinion, but it's worth noting that most players usually run Special Attack Evasion which tries to reduce the effectiveness of Critical Hits. 



Ignore All Resistance is a decent stat for PvP, though at 4% it's doubtful that you'll ever really "feel" it, still, the AP, Acc and Stamina are just the same as Target Openings. 



Which Artifact and Lightstone combo do you use? Let us know! 





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