Family Life Tools

Life Skill on any Character!

By nyaiera

Published: Jun 11, 2024

Updated: Jun 12, 2024




Family Life Tools


Life Skill Tools can now be shared family wide with quality of life changes for ease of use! 
  • The changes are great for new players looking to get into life skilling without knowing all the tools
  • Life skill alt characters that might be positioned at life skilling spots can take advantage of the shared tools
  • With the changes to make Life Skills family wide, the shared tools mean you only need one set of tools
  • Equipping certain Life Skill tools will no longer unequip your weapons thanks to the family tool slots


Life Skilling Without Tools

As part of this rework, new players who want to explore and get into life skilling casually can do so more easily. Instead of needing tools before starting life skilling, several life skills can now be used without a tool. 


This makes Life Skilling more intuitive to new players, being able to interact with gathering and fishing life skills on sight rather than needing prerequisites. 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Lumbering


Lumbering can now be used without equipping an axe, if you want to use Fluid Collecting instead, just hit F5: 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Fluid Collecting


Just like with Lumbering, if you run up to a mining resource you'll be given the option to gather it without a pickaxe.


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Mining


Gathering still has the option of using Bare-handed available, but you can now also use a Hoe without equipping one.


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Gathering


Gathering from animals will give you the three options, Fluid Collecting, Butchering and Tanning which can also be used without needing any of the tools.  


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Animal Gathering


Without equipping any tools, the base tool effect is equivalent to those of basic tools purchasable via NPC shops.


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Outdated Gear


Since the tools in the NPC stores are the same as not having a tool equipped at all now, they'll be removed at a later date. 


How to Equip a Fishing rod by Changing Stance

After the Family Life Tool update, Fishing is a little different because it previously worked through equipping an item to your weapon slot. Now, there is a new icon that can be used for fishing. 


This allows you to change your "stance" from combat to Fishing or Harpooning, which will equip the respective tool for you. 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools How to Fish


Once this tool is equipped you can use it by heading over to a body of water just like with old equippable tools. 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Fishing


Family Tool Window

You can access your set of family tools from your inventory, you'll be able to see a combat and life skill icon next to your gear set. 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools Inventory


The tools stored in this family tool window will be useable across all of your characters, allowing you to make use of life skilling on any character you like. 


This could be a good way to maximize efficiency, you could store different alt characters at different locations across the world as life skill alts. 


Equippable Tools via the Family Tool Window
Lumbering Axe
Fluid Collector
Butchering Knife
Tanning Knife
Fishing Rod


The tools can all be equipped at the same time, so you don't have to choose which life skill you'd like to use a tool for like previously: 


Garmoth Black Desert Shared Life Skill Tools


Certain tools like fishing rods will no longer unequip your weapons or effect your gear score, meaning you can have them equipped passively even while grinding. 


If the durability of your life skill tools hits 0, you'll still be able to continue your life skills using the base versions of the tools, so you can continue the skill with lower effectiveness. 




What I find interesting is that this shows Black Desert can share gear across all families? Would you like combat gear to be shared in this way? Let us know!




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