Obtaining Black Stones (Weapon)

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Published: Feb 27, 2024

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Obtaining Black Stones (Weapon)


Get more Black Stone (Weapons) for using in crafting systems that require them!
  • The most popular Black Stone (Weapon) sink in the guaranteed PEN accessory system
  • Black Stones (Weapon) is used in the creation of Best in Slot Magical Crystal crafting
  • Black Stones (Weapon) can be used for Caphras Stones, another huge material sink
  • Accessory cups also require Black Stones (Weapon) to be crafted along with other items


This guide will be about obtaining them rather than the usages of Black Stones (Weapon) 


Grinding Locations

Unsurprisingly the best method for obtaining Black Stones (Weapon) is to grind, but some spots are definitely better than others for them. 


As you might expect, the higher your gear score, the more Black Stones (Weapon) you can realistically obtain from grinding locations. 


The spot information used in the information below is using a Yellow level 2 loot scroll and Blessing of Kamasylve 

Early Game Locations

Early game locations are great at providing 3 of the 4 materials that can be used towards the guaranteed PEN accessory which includes Black Stones (Weapon)


These spots are mostly one shot enemies, with the exception of one elvia location, but all should be easily grindable with PEN Tuvala gear. 


The Valencia options are also great ways to efficiently use Agris Fever, which will increase your silver per hour


Desert Naga Temple 

Garmoth Black Desert Desert Naga Temple


Purely for Black Stones (Weapon), Desert Naga Temple is the best early game spot, giving 102 on average according to our global grind data.  


Garmoth Black Desert Naga Temple Drops


This spot also gives a really good amount of Atanis' Element which will help you work towards your Infinite Potions and requires super low AP. 


Nagas also drops some Sealed Black Magic Crystal which produce Magical Shards which are also used in the PEN guaranteed acessory and many other forms of crafting. 


Cadry Ruins

Garmoth Black Desert Cadry Ruins Location


Cadry Ruins is another fantastic early game option, taking second place in terms of Black Stones (Weapon) drops. 


Garmoth Black Desert Cadry Ruins drops


Cadry will however give you a higher average silver per hour, especially when using Agris Fever. Like Nagas, it also gives a decent amount of Atanis' Element  as well. 


This spot also provides more Yona's Fragments which are another material used in the guaranteed PEN accessory crafting system. 


Biraghi Den 

Garmoth Black Desert Biraghi Den


Biraghi Den is the first Elvia spot on this list and still grindable with early game gear. The amount of Black Stones (Weapon) is also competitive with the other two spots. 


Garmoth Black Desert Biraghi Den Drops


Similar to Cadry Ruins, this spot provides much more silver for slightly less stones and a higher gear requirement, it's also the only spot of the three that doesn't drop Yona's Fragments or Atanis' Element


Still, this is a great early game spot for raw income which is always useful to have for progression. 


Mid Game Spots

These spots generally hover around 280 AP and aren't always one shottable mobs anymore. They also don't drop Yona's Fragments or Atanis' Element.  


However the spots make up for it with drop amounts and silver per hour as well as their own unique craftable drop items.


Orc Camp 

Garmoth Black Desert Orc Camp


Orcs is a reliable grind spot that a lot of players are familiar with, the amount of silver you can make there is fantastic for mid game and the drops definitely aren't bad either. 


Garmoth Black Desert Orc Camp Drops


As you can see the silver per hour as jumped up significantly while the Black Stones (Weapon) are really competitive too. 


Orc camp also drops Heart of the Arid Forest which is used for crafting popular accessory upgrade cups so it drops useful mats as well as raw silver income. 


Saunil Camp

Garmoth Black Desert Saunil Camp location


If you need Calpheon Elvia materials and don't mind lower silver income, Saunil Camp is a sold option for grabbing Black Stones (Weapon)  at mid game. 


Garmoth Black Desert Saunil Camp


I'd only really recommend this spot if you need the materials from Calpheon Elvia or like grinding here though, as the other mid game spots are likely more efficient. 



Garmoth Black Desert Tankuta Location

Tunkuta is a Duo spot but one I wanted to mention because it has a really good amount of Black Stones (Weapon) and it gives an option for those wanting to party.   


Garmoth Black Desert Tankuta Drops


It also drops the Flame of Despair and its pity pieces Embers of Despair used for making the Fallen God's Armor


It can also drop the Quturan's Right Lung and Quturan's Ashen Leaf used to craft the La Orzeca Armor. So if you like partying up, it's a great spot to grab some extra Black Stones (Weapon)


Jade Starlight Forest

Garmoth Black Desert Jade Starlight Forest


Jade Starlight Forest has the most amount of Black Stones (Weapon) dropped on average per hour for mid game spots with a really solid silver per hour income. 


Garmoth Black Desert Jade Starlight drops


It also drops a huge amount of Ancient Spirit Dust to help make up some extra Caphras Stones. It also drops the Iridescent Lightstone as well.


Most importantly though, Jade Starlight Forest is where the Flame of Frost drops which lets you craft a Labreska's Helmet. As it's one of the rarer Flames, it's a great place to grind in the mid game. 


Late Game Grind Spots

These spots are all around 300 - 310 AP spots and obviously the best money makers and give the highest amount of raw Black Stones (Weapon)


Still, even in the late game areas there is differences between the amount of Black Stones (Weapon) dropped which might be worth considering. 


Olun's Valley 

Garmoth Black Desert Olun's Valley


The drop rate of Black Stones (Weapon) shoots up for late game and Olun's Valley is the only non-dehkia spot I'll be listing among the three highest stone drop options. 


Garmoth Black Desert Olun's drops


The barrier to entry is a little less than the Dehkia spots and it also drops the Quturan's Right Lung and Quturan's Ashen Leaf used to craft the La Orzeca Armor


The silver income definitely isn't bad either, but while it doesn't quite keep up with the other spots in this area its still a great spot for grabbing black stones. 


[Dehkia] Thornwood Forest

Garmoth Black Desert Dehkia Thornwood Forest


Dehkia Thornwood Forest is some of the best silver per hour in the game, while it doesn't give as many Black stones as regular Olun's Valley, the silver more than makes up for it. 


Garmoth Black Desert Dehkia Thornwood Drops


The materials for the La Orzeca helmet were also added to the Dehkia version of the spot as well, so there's plenty of reasons why you'd want to grind this spot over the others. 


[Dehkia] Olun's Valley


Garmoth Black Desert Dehkia Oluns Valley


Dehkia Olun's Valley gives an amazing amount of Black Stones with over 300 an hour on average making it arguably the best spot in the game for them. 


Garmoth Black Desert Dehkia Oluns drops


Olun's Valley again is one of the best silver spots and has crafting materials for the La Orzeca Armor.


Hunter's Seal 

Hunter's Seals are a great way to get more black stones, chances are you have a bunch of these laying around in storage or on different characters. 


You can use Ctrl+F in game to use the FInd My Item UI in order to find them all. 


Garmoth Black Desert Hunter's Seals


You can exchange 3 Hunter's Seals for 1 Black Stone (Weapon) by heading to NPC Andria in Keplan: 

Garmoth Black Desert Hunters Seal Black Stones


Hunter's Seals can be obtained from doing your daily boss scrolls or scrolls like Scroll written in Ancient Language

or even going to world bosses. 


I wouldn't say these are worth grinding solely for black stones but they're definitely a good way to grab some extra stones if you have a lot of them stored up. 


Crafting Black Stones

You can technically craft Black Stones, although it's not the fastest thing in the world, its afk and requires basically no effort at all. 


You do this by purchasing houses and using Level 3 Refineries. You can use Olvia 2-5, 2F or Heidel 81, Rm. 5, Heidel 9-4 or Heidel 5-4, 2F. 


Garmoth Black Desert Refinery locations


You can use the top right options to search for the Level 3 Refineries if you're not sure which houses they are. The crafting items are pretty easily obtainable. 


Garmoth Black Desert Crafting Black Stones


The materials are pretty commonly available on the Central Marketplace, so you should be able to have Black Stones being crafted afk if its something you're interested in. 


Night Vendor

Grabbing extra Black Stones from NPC Patrigio has been something that's been in the game for a long time. If you don't use your energy (or energy from your alts) this could be a good use for it. 


You can use the NPC finder search in the top right corner to locate Patrigio in different cities. 


At night time, after 10PM, you'll be able to visit Patrigio and expend energy to view different secret shop items. 


Garmoth Black Desert Night Vendor Black Stones


Among these are Black Stone bundles that work out cheaper than the Central Market prices, so if you really need stones or don't use energy, you might as well try your luck. 


Black Stone Extraction

While it's no longer a popular method due to green weapons being phased out, you can technically convert enhanced green weapons to black stones. 


The best way to do this is by using the Marketplace. When a unenhanced weapon is listed (+0) you can choose to purchase it as a +7 weapon instead. 


Black Desert Green weapon for black stones


Placing this at +7 will allow you to extract 7 Black stones from the weapon, and the price is competitive with buying Black Stones out right. 


To extract the Black Stone (Weapon) from the gear, head to a Blacksmith and use the Extraction option. 



This will let you get 7 stones for the +7 weapon but the weapon will be destroyed in the process. 



You can also bypass the Central Marketplace buy purchasing green weapon boxes from Blacksmith NPCs. 



This will allow you to do the same method but without the bottleneck of the marketplace availability, though the stones work out a little more expensive depending on which vendor you use. 


If you goto Arms Dealer NPC Alfredo in Velia, you can also use the +3 Militia Weapon Box for this: 



It'll be cheaper but it's a little slower because Alfredo can't extract the stones, so you'll have to make trips to the blacksmith. 



Are there any methods we missed that you'd like us to include? Let us know! 


-- Change log - Added blacksmith weapon extraction  - 29/02/2024


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