Dehkia's Lantern

More Powerful Grind Zones!

By nyaiera

Published: Jul 26, 2023

Updated: Apr 08, 2024




Dehkia's Lantern


The Dehkia's Lantern has been added to strengthen existing grind spots for higher gear players
  • The Dehkia's Lantern can be obtained by completing a simple talking quest line 
  • Dehkia's Lantern makes monsters more powerful for better grinding loot rewards 
  • The lantern requires fuel and must be recharged by using gold accessories 
  • The enhanced drops from grind spots include Deboreka accessories up to DUO.  


Obtaining Dehkia's Lantern 

To be able to start the Dehkia's Lantern questline you are required to be Level 61, though with the gear requirements for the spots being tailored towards end game, this shouldn't be an issue. 



All you need to do for the quest line is speak to NPC Arethel in O'dyllita who will tell you about the lantern. 

After that you'll be handed the Lantern along with the fuel to charge it. The lantern has a 1 minute cooldown.  


Grind Spots Affected by Dehkia's Lantern

Currently the spots that can be affected by Dehkia's Lantern are Ash Forest and Olun's Valley but Thornwood Forest, Tunkuta and Cyclops have been confirmed for the future. 


You can see which grind spots can be affected by the lantern by the purple icon on the grind spot on the world map. 



Dehkia's Lantern empowers grinding areas, making the mobs there turn into Elite style mobs which require higher gear score to defeat. 


Dehkia's Lantern will also respawn defeated enemies much quicker in a small area to allow for more people to grind in the area and the area has been expanded for more space. 


Ash Forest


Ash Forest requires 310 AP and 410 DP, drops remain the same but trash loot values will increase and mobs will have new attacks.  


Ash Forest has designated summoning spots where the Dehkia's Lantern can be used, here's the locations: 


After using Dehkia's Lantern, Ash Forest will also be able to drop Deboreka Necklace up to DUO.  


Additional mechanics are added to Ash Forest when using the Dehkia's Lantern in Ash Forest: 


Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Ash Forest
Recommended AP 310
Recommended DP 410

Striking a Rift Seed will awaken the ghosts that wander Ash Forest.

If an awakened Barnas is nearby, awakened Volkras will relentlessly pursue the adventurer and launch deadly attacks,
so Barnas must be defeated as quickly as possible.

A defeated awakened Volkras will revive in a split state due to their burning hatred of the specter.


Olun's Valley


Olun's Valley requires 310 AP and 400 DP and will have the same drop table but with increased trash loot prices.


Olun's Valley will also now drop the Deboreka Earring up to DUO when using the Dehkia's Lantern.


Olun's Valley has designated summoning spots where the Dehkia's Lantern can be used, here's the locations: 



Additional mechanics are added to Olun's Valley when using the Dehkia's Lantern in Olun's Valley: 


Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Olun's Valley
Recommended AP 310
Recommended DP 400

The left arm attack of the awakened Olun's Golem can instantly kill all nearby adventurers.

All the awakened golems need to be destroyed in order to defeat the Giant Olun Golem.

When the golem strikes the ground three times with its left arm, the arm will be destroyed, but no loot will drop.


You can also summon an Olun's Valley Golum by using the [Voidtouched] Olun's Power Tower: 


Tunkuta (Turos) 


Tunkuta will have new requirements of 310 AP and 400 DP and instead of having to rotate around the grindspot, you'll be able to stand in place to grind. 


To activate the Dehkia's lantern, you'll need to use it at either the Turo Charm or Turo Shaman Tower. 


Here's an image of the Turo Charm: 



And here's the Turo Shaman Tower:



These are dotted around the grind spot with 6 locations in total, 3 of each. 



You'll now also be able to obtain a Turo's Belt up to DUO when grinding at this Dehkia's Lantern version. 


Recommended Stats Monster Zone details
[Dehkia] Tunkuta
Recommended AP: 310
Recommended DP: 400

When Dehkia's Lantern is lit, [Chaos Infused]

Ulutuka and Turos will appear after a certain amount of time.

Defeat a certain number of Turos, then Ulutuka will reappear from the corpses of the Turo.


Thornwood Forest


Thornwood Forest will also require 310 AP and 400 DP and will work with a similar summoning mechanic. 


To use the Dehkia's Lantern in this location, you'll have to activate the [Void Infused] Eye of Despair



There are 4 locations dotted around Thornwood Forest that you can find the Eye of Despair. 



You'll now be able to obtain Ominous Rings up to DUO while grinding the Dehkia's Lantern version of the spot. 


Recommended Stats Monster Zone details
[Dehkia] Thornwood Forest
Recommended AP: 310
Recommended DP: 400

Using Dehkia's Lantern in Thornwood Forest attracts [Void Tainted] Ahib to come out and attack.

[Corrupt Voidtouched] Dark Knight will appear after defeating a certain number of Ahib.
They will continue to swarm even after the Dark Knight appears.


The mobs at Thornwood Forest will only apply a knockback debuff rather than a full range of CCs, making them less frustrating to fight.  


Cyclops Land


Cyclops Land has been made into a more viable grind spot by using Dehkia's Lantern, like the other spots you'll need 310 AP and 400 DP. 


Look for the Cyclops Shrines in order to activate the Dehkia's Lantern, here's what the statues look like. 



Here's where you can find the shrine locations: 


Recommended Stats Monster Zone details

[Dehkia's Lantern] Cyclops Land


310 AP
400 DP

Using Dehkia's Lantern in the Cyclops Land will awaken Cyclopes and Gargoyles in a chaotic state capable of dealing devastating damage to adventurers.


The awakened Cyclopes will strike unsuspecting adventurers with mighty attacks and can consume boars nearby to restore their health.


Defeating Cyclopes near Gargoyles will only enrage the latter monstrosities to carve out the hearts of adventurers with greater fury.


You can obtain Dawn Earring up to DUO (II) enhancement level by defeating these awakened monsters.


It's important to note, the Cyclops of this monster zone are unaffected by the effects of Agris Fever points. 


Aakman Temple

Aakman Temple has been added as a Dehkia zone to incentivize players with higher gear scores to farm for treasure items without sacrificing progress. 


With the changes made to Aakman and Hystria (they can now be accessed on the map instead of just from portals) this makes the zones less time consuming to get to. 



You can now also autopath in the desert if you have a compass, or use a traveler's map to teleport to the Pilgrim's Haven from near Sand Grain Bazaar. 



You can see below the new Dehkia's Lantern style of Aakman mobs, as well as the summon towers used in the temple. 



You can use Dehkia's Lantern at certain locations in Aakman Temple to awaken the Aakmans in a chaotic state.



There's also now a low chance to obtain Deboreka Earring which increases the value of the grind spots potential loot. 


Recommended Stats Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Aakman Temple
Recommended AP: 300
Recommended DP: 400

With the Aakman Illusion Statue, imbued with the energy of chaos, the Aakman Flamen, entranced by it, appears from the illusion and seizes control of the temple grounds.


This surge of power sends the ancient Aakman device into a state of disarray, turning it into an unpredictable ticking time bomb. Caution is required as the illusion attack of the Aakman Flamen rains down a barrage of meteorites far and wide.


Main Loot Deboreka Earring
Tungrad Earring
Caphras Stone
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Upgraded Compass Parts


Hystria Ruins

Like with Aakman Temple, Hystria has been given a place on the map that can be accessed without use of a portal. The fastest way to get there is from Valencia. 



Like with Aakman, Hystria has been given the Dehkia's Lantern treatment to incentivize treasure item grinding to veteran players and will also feature the Deboreka Earring drops. 



Here are the summon / control towers used within Hystria Ruins to activate the Dehkia's Lantern spots. 



Recommended Stats Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Hystria Ruins
Recommended AP: 300
Recommended DP: 400

The Hystria Guard Tower, sensing Dehkia's Lantern, becomes entranced by its powerful energy, summoning the ancient weapon in a chaotic state to repel intruders.


Tutuka, under the lantern's influence, unleashes a devastating shockwave across the battlefield, requiring your utmost caution. At peak alert levels, the formidable ancient weapon Elten, also in a chaotic state, activates to quell the intruders' disruption.


Main Loot Deboreka Earring
Tungrad Necklace
Tungrad Earring
Caphras Stone
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Upgraded Compass Parts


Pila Ku Jail 

Pila Ku Jail has been added as a Dehkia Lantern spot, with a recommended gear score of 300 AP and 400 DP. 



There are two different lantern use locations and if you have a desert compass active you can auto path to the spots location or by using the Monster Zone Info UI. 



Recommended Stats Monster Zone Description
Pila Ku Jail [Dehkia's Lantern]
Recommended AP: 300 (Based on My Stats: 920)
Recommended DP: 400 (Based on My Stats: 440)
Prisoners and wardens of Pila Ku Jail have been engulfed by the energy of Dehkia, attacking all that enter their sight. Be extra cautious of the [Void Tainted Prisoner] Frenzied Executioner who threatens you with their Dehkia fueled swordplay. They swarm at the sound of alarm to destroy all trespassers.
Main Loot Map of Unknown Piece
Deboreka Earring
Sicil's Necklace
Caphras Stone
Scroll Written in Ancient Language


Roud Sulfur Mine

Another Valencia spot that got a Dehkia's Lantern location is Roud Sulfur Mine and it's gear requirements are 300 AP 400 DP.



There are two different locations that you can use the Dehkia's Lantern at, here's where to use it: 

If you have a desert compass active you'll be able to autopath to the location in the desert, the spot now also features Deboreka Earrings as a drop. 



Recommended Stats Monster Zone Details
Roud Sulfur Mine [Dehkia's Lantern]
Recommended AP: 300 (Based on My Stats: 920)
Recommended DP: 400 (Based on My Stats: 440)

The Lava Tribe, weakened by the adventurer's attack, began to regain their power by absorbing the lava located underground using the powerful energy of Dehkia.


If you destroy the sulfur bundles in the Sulfur Mine, you can draw powerful Lava Tribe, who are absorbing the energy of the lava, to the surface.


The energy of the lava is very powerful, but if you quickly remove the heat of the lava using the streams of water erupting from the surroundings, you can make the battle more manageable.


Main Loot Map of Unknown Piece
Deboreka Earring
Manos Craftsman's Clothes
Sicil's Necklace
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Caphras Stone


Dehkia's Lantern Fuel 

The Dehkia's Lantern has 300 durability and consumes 1 per minute, giving you 300 minutes or 5 hours in total from a full charge.


Durability can be recharged with Dehkia's Light, 1 durability will be restored per light.


How to Obtain Dehkia's Light Dehkia's Light Use

Heat (L) PRI - TRI grade accessory with Magical Lightstone Crystal x10

1 Dehkia's Light recharges 1 Dehkia's Lantern durability


Different gold grade accessories will provide different amount of Dehkia's Light for heating. 


Lower amount accessories PRI DUO TRI


Forest Ronaros Ring

Orkinrad's Belt

Eye of the Ruins Ring

Serap's Necklace

Ring of Cadry Guardian

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Sicil's Necklace

Narc Ear Accessory

Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

Centaurus Belt

Basilisk's Belt


25 75 210 
Higher amount accessories PRI DUO TRI


Tungrad Earring

Tungrad Necklace

Revived Lunar Necklace

Dawn Earring

Laytenn's Power Stone

Tungrad Belt

Black Distortion Earring

Vaha's Dawn

Ogre Ring

Tungrad Ring

Turo's Belt

Taebaek's Belt

Ethereal Earring

Revived River Necklace

Ominous Ring


165 450  1275


Although some of these accessories give you over 300 (the max durability of Dehkia's Lantern) the process gives an item called Dehkia's light. 


This is a seperate item that can be stored or stockpiled to be used whenever you like. 


Recharging Dehkia's Lantern

Once you have created Dehkia's Light (You will also receive 60 Dehkia's Light from the initial quest) you can right click the item in your inventory to recharge the lantern. 


The process is simple enough, just place the Dehkia's Light and the Dehkia's Lantern in their spaces to recharge the durability. 



Lost Dehkia's Lantern 

If you happen to lose your Dehkia's Lantern, then you can recreate one by Processing (L) items, here's what's needed to create a new lantern.  


Item Name Materials
Dehkia's Lantern

▼ Processing (L) - Manufacture the following items:


Dehkia's Light x1,000
Copper Ingot x1,000
Black Crystal x1,000
Magical Lightstone Crystal x500
Magical Shard x300



What do you think of the new Dehkia's Lantern? Will you be trying the new versions of the grind zones? Let us know!






-- Change log - Added Cyclops Land to Dehkia's Lantern - 14/09/2023

-- Added Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins to available zones - 24/01/2024

-- Added Pila Ku Jail to available zones - 27/03/2024

-- Added Roud Sulfur Mine as a new location - 08/04/2024



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