Elvia Realm - Serendia

Amazing for Mid Game!

By nyaiera

Published: May 30, 2024

Updated: Jun 04, 2024




Elvia Realm - Serendia


The Elvia Realm - Serendia is more difficult, high end versions of low level grind spots! 
  • The Serendia Elvia Realm has different spots for solo, duo and party groups giving some grind variety 
  • Accessory Upgrade Cups can be crafted from materials that drop in Serendia's Elvia Realm  
  • Serendia Elvia Realm spots are featured in the Elvia Kzarka questline for +1 AP / DP 
  • The Elvia Realm utilizes special weapon buffs that vastly improve your kill speed while grinding


Accessing Elvia Realm

To access the Elvia Realm you can use Esc - Adventure - Elvia Realm or just use the search function and search for Elvia



When you select it you'll be given a new UI window that will allow you to move into the Elvia Realm. Previously, Elvia could only be accessed on certain servers but this is no longer the case.


The Elvia Realm can now be accessed on all channels, this was done to provide more of the grind zones because they were so popular. 



To leave Elvia Realm again, check the top right of your screen, you'll see a new icon that will allow you to exit the Elvia Realm. 



When entering and exiting the Elvia Realm, your character will take a knee and there'll be a quick loading animation. 



Why Grind in Elvia Serendia?

The most popular reason for grinding in Elvia is that the spots are simply good money per hour for early to mid game players. 


After multiple reworks to different aspects of the game, like Skill Add-ons and grind spot buffs, there are spots in Elvia Serendia that can be farmed with Tuvala gear with journals completed and a good buff rotation. 


There's also unique mechanics to the different grind spots that can vary things up, allow for duo or party grinding and allow you to work towards upgrading your accessories. 



You can check out our guide for upgrading your accessories using Elvia materials by clicking the link above. 


If you're currently wanting to do the Kzarka questline for extra account wide +1 AP / DP then you can use this guide: 


Elvia Weapons & Skills

A unique part of grinding in Elvia is making use of the Elvia Weapons that drop. These aren't actual weapons that you have to equip, but merely buffs that provide massive damage bonuses against Elvia mobs. 



These orbs will drop from killing monsters in Elvia, simply interact with them with R and you'll be able to grab the weapon buff. 


The different colours have different effects against certain grind spots and with the drop rates now you can generally pick which one you want pretty easily. 



  • Red Valtarra Elvia weapons are most useful at Bloody Monastery, Birgahi Den and Swamp Naga Habitat
  • Blue Okiara Elvia weapons are most useful at Castle Ruins and Orc Camp 
  • Yellow Narc Elvia weapons are most useful at Swamp Fogan Habitat and Altar Imp Habitat


The weapon buff lasts 10 minutes and have a 20 minute cooldown and while you have the weapon buff equipped you can use your Elvia skill. 



These skills can only be used when you have the weapon buff applied and give -20 AP / DP debuffs against mobs. 


Quest Name  Quest Objective  Quest reward 
[Elvia Daily] The Power of Three Ancient Spirits Lejenti tells you that if you hand over the Predator's Roots x50 needed for her investigation

Burning Valtarra's Weapon Box
Torrential Okiara's Weapon Box
Thunderous Narc's Weapon Box

[Elvia Weekly] Ready for the End Hand over a Liverto main weapon or Essence of Nature x10 to Lejenti.


You can find NPC Lejenti in Glish, she will also be the quest giver of the Kzarka AP / DP quest line. 



Serendia Elvia Grindspots 

This section will introduce you to the different grind spots considered part of the Serendia Elvia Realm, along with their requirements and drops. 


It'll also have a mention the grind spot mechanics and how many players the spot is suited for. 


If you need to know which spot drops certain upgrade materials, you can check our Elvia Accessory Upgrade guide mentioned above.  


Biraghi Den 


Biraghi Den only needs 220 AP and 310 DP after multiple changes to the game. For the gear requirement, the silver per hour is amazing. 


The Biraghi Den has it's own mechanic called Alert Levels. Bandits will put a bounty out for and raise alert levels against adventurers defeating monsters.


There are five different stages of alert levels. At stage 5, Biraghi himself will appear as a boss Defeating him will reset all alert levels. 



Altar Imp Habitat 


Altar Imp Habitat is a duo grind spot. You'll have to gather elite mobs around the grind location and then defeat them under an Altar Imp Flag. 


Once you've defeated them, mobs will start to surround the flag, letting you chunk down large groups of enemies. 


Like with Biraghi Den, for the gear requirement the silver per hour is really not bad, though if you're a newer player you may want a little more DP.  



Swamp Fogan Habitat 


Swamp Fogan Habitat is a lot more of a general grind spot, the only real mechanics that are worth noting is that Titium can spawn as a boss to fight for extra loot.


Nagas can also spawn as a wave of enemies invading the Swamp Fogan territory which will give you some extra mobs to deal with. 



Swamp Naga Habitat 


Swamp Naga Habitat has the same requirements as Fogans and generally is less silver per hour as you can see from the drops.


For mechanics there's a boss and Poisonous Swamp Plants in the swamps that can be defeated to lower the defenses of nearby monsters but watch out for the plants dealing poison damage. 



Castle Ruins 


Castle Ruins is a spot made for a 3 player group, this is great if you've just finished upgrading a set of seasonal tuvala gear and want to grind with friends. 


The money per hour can definitely vary on how well you group mobs together by pulling. Generally you'll be trying to obtain "Al Rhundi's Secret Order" from mobs. 


This item can be used at the Castle Ruins entrance to summon 15 elite monsters, defeat 5 of them in order to summon Al Rhundi as a boss to fight. 



Orc Camp


Orc Camp is generally considered the most popular Elvia Realm Serendia spot, it's always been a fantastic money maker thanks to its high silver per hour. 


The gear requirements are pretty low as well. The orcs will take low damage until you use the Fairies of Light. 


Fairies of Light are imprisoned inside cages and you'll need to free them, after freeing them they'll create a "Zone of Light".

Red Orcs exposed to the "Zone of Light" will weaken in strength. Activating more than 5 "Zones of Light" will trigger an enormous "Light Burst" that will immensely weaken the Red Orcs that are inside it.


Red Orc Wizards aren't affected by this and can destroy the "Zones of Light" so be sure to take them out first. 



Bloody Monastery 


When compared to Orcs, the money per hour for the same gear score is much lower, making the spot a lot less popular in general. 


The mechanic for this spot is that killing mobs can drop a Crimson Bell. This item will summon enemies to you in all directions, after this Furious Muskan will appear. 


Defeating the Furious Muskan will drop loot for a group of max 5 adventurers.


However you can also focus on rotations including the most Elite "Violent" mobs to try and maximize profits from Seed of Void drops. 



Do you have a favourite Serendia Elvia Realm Spot? Let us know! 

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