Old Moon Guild's PEN Accessories

2 PEN Accessories Without RNG

By nyaiera

Published: Oct 19, 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2024




Old Moon Guild's PEN Accessories


The Old Moon Guild's Support allows you to create PEN accessories without relying on RNG. 
  • This update replaces Jetina's Guaranteed PEN accessory system with a new, simpler system
  • You can now create 2 guaranteed PEN accessories which can still be exchanged
  • The progression for this system no longer requires time gated materials through daily quests. 
  • Generally much cheaper than buying or enhancing a PEN accessory. 


Starting Requirements 

In order to start using this system, your character must be at least level 56 and must've completed the quest "A Cry for Help." 


"A Cry for Help." Can be found in by speaking to your Black Spirit (,) the quest will be in the "Suggested" tab of the "Quests" option.  It's a very short questline. 


You will have to visit Jetina to complete the quest, here's where you can find her: 


Find Jetina


Obtaining a Free Accessory 

When you've completed "A Cry for Help" you will be able to access the Old Moon Guild's Support window, the progression for this system is no longer done through quests. 


If you were previously working on Jetina's Guaranteed PEN accessory or have completed the Old Moon Guild's Trade Offer quest your progress will be saved. 


The button for your Old Moon Guild's Support will be to the left side of your inventory. 



You will then be given the option to choose one free yellow accessory which will be used in order to create your a Guaranteed PEN Accessory.  


Here are the stats of the different options: 


Which Accessory to Choose


At first the Tungrad Earring may look like the obvious choice, but here are the accessories at PEN: 


Best Guaranteed PEN accessory


If you'd like to see the other levels of enhancement for these accessories, check out our Gear Planner! 


Comparing the different Accessories

Here are some simple stat breakdowns of the accessories and why you might want to consider them as an option when picking your accessory. 



You can exchange your accessories which we'll show later in the guide, so the accessory choice is not final.


Ring of Crescent Guardian

This is generally accepted as the best option. It gives 20 AP and is almost the highest you can get on a ring slot. 


The ring gives the most AP and at PEN it keeps its value for a long time during gear progression.  

The Ring of Crescent Guardian is also the most expensive option at the time of writing, making it most efficient silver wise, too. 


If you're not currently logged in and want to compare marketprices, you can use our Central Market! 


Tungrad Earring

With a PEN Tungrad Earring only giving 17 AP, it could considered to have the lowest inherent value of the three and has to compete with Black Distortion Earrings 


This might look like a good option for an AP based earring if you're currently using a Capotia Earring, but the other two accessories gives you more value.


A Ring of Crescent Guardian gives you more AP and Narc Ear Accessory gives over all more stats making it easier to hit the next AP and DP brackets.


Narc Ear Accessory

Out of the two earrings, Narc is usually considered as more viable, they can be paired up with Black Distortion Earring to negate the DP reduction or used specifically for extra DP.


Like the Ring of Crescent Guardian, the Narc Ear Accessory also gives a stat total of 20 at PEN unlike the 17 from a PEN Tungrad Earring making it one of the better options. 


Generally, the PEN Ring of Crescent Guardian will be the go to option, but if you're late on starting your Guaranteed PEN accessory or already have your rings taken care of, the Narc Ear Accessory can make sense. 


Upgrading Your Guaranteed PEN Accessory

Unlike regular accessory enhancement, the accessory provided to you by The Old Moon Guild's Support will be enhanced through materials and can't fail.



There's also now a clear break down of what materials are needed and how many you require to progress to the next stage, making it simple to progress. 


Items placed in the Old Moon Guild's Support UI cannot be retrieved again. 


Upgrade Materials Required

PRI (I) Accessory

+0 Supported Accessory
Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x50
Black Stone (Weapon) x500
Magical Shard x15
Yona's Fragment x5

DUO (II) Accessory

PRI (I) Supported Accessory
Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x150
Black Stone (Weapon) x1,500
Magical Shard x45
Yona's Fragment x15

TRI (III) Accessory

DUO (II) Supported Accessory
Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x200
Black Stone (Weapon)  x2,000
Magical Shard x60
Yona's Fragment x20

TET (IV) Accessory

TRI (III) Supported Accessory
Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x300
Black Stone (Weapon) x3,000
Magical Shard x90
Yona's Fragment x30

PEN (V) Accessory

TET (IV) Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x1,600
Black Stone (Weapon) x11,000
Magical Shard x330
Yona's Fragment x110



The TRI (III) accessory previously required for PEN (V) enhancement has been changed to Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x500.


Expected Item Costs

Ingredients  Total Total Price Estimate

Black Stone (Weapon)

18000 5.4 billion (At 300k per stone)

Yona's Fragment

180 617.5 million (If melting Orkinrad's Belt)

Magical Shard

540 1.54 billion (Heating Sealed Black Magic Crystals)

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst

2300 8.05 billion (Purchased for 3.5m at NPC vendor)


This totals around 15.6 billion silver at the time of writing which is a cheap price for a PEN accessory. 

You can grind for Sealed Black Magic Crystals which will greatly reduce the cost of Magical Shards


This is the same with the Yona's Fragment and Black Stone (Weapon) requirements.


Obtaining the Materials

If you're not sure on how to obtain the items listed in the table, here's a simple break down on how you can grab the materials needed for the upgrading process. 



You can place your items into the upgrading screen by clicking on one of the item icons. 


They're fairly common items and most drop while grinding, which can help you reduce the silver cost of upgrading.  


Black Stone (Weapon) 

Due to the sheer amount of stones needed, these will likely end up being a silver sink. You can purchase 

Black Stone (Weapon) or from the Central Marketplace. 


One way worth mentioning for getting Black Stone (Weapon) is Hunter's Seal people tend to have a lot of them stored away and they can really add up. 


There are plenty of other ways to obtain black stones that will reduce the amount you need to purchase. Checkout the Recommended spots in the Grind Tracker. You can sort spots by Black Stone drops, check here: Best Grind Spots.


Yona Fragments 

Most grinding spots in Valencia are great for gaining Yona's Fragment and will likely be your primary way to obtain them. 


You can check our Map to see where Yona's Fragment drop and our Grind Tracker to view a spot's average hourly drop rate. 


You can also obtain Yona's fragments from Heating certain accessories in the processing window (L) 


This does require Knowledge of "Ossa Dilla's Special Heating Method" from the NPC Ossa Dilla, the Arms in Valencia City. It will cost 30 Energy to learn Knowledge from speaking to her.


Accessory Yona's Fragments for Heating Accessory
Forest Ronaros RingForest Ronaros Ring Yona's Fragment2-4 

Sicil's Necklace

Sicil's Necklace

Yona's Fragment


Serap's Necklace

Serap's Necklace 

Yona's Fragment


Ring of Cadry Guardian

Ring of Cadry Guardian

Yona's Fragment


Centaurus Belt

Centaurus Belt

Yona's Fragment


Narc's Ear Accessory

Narc Ear Accessory 

Yona's Fragment


Orkinrad's Belt

Orkinrad's Belt

Yona's Fragment



Magical Shard

While grinding in Valencia (or other spots such as Elvia locations), you will obtain plenty of Sealed Black Magic Crystals drops. 


These drops can be used to create Magical Shards by heating them in the (L) Processing window. 


Heating Magical Shards


You shouldn't need to buy them from the Marketplace, though if you want to speed up the process and have the silver to sink, they can be obtained from the market. 


Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst

This item is nice and easy to obtain, but it will be another silver sink. Simply, visit the Old Moon Manager in any major city to purchase the item for 3.5 million each. 


This item is also sometimes given out in Attendence Rewards, so that may be something to look out for to reduce silver costs. 


Old Moon Manager Store


Exchanging Your PEN Accessory 

Exchanging has also been made much simpler, it's a part of the UI now, too. You can see it on the Exchange tab of the UI window.



You can change up to 4 times for free but starting from the 5th exchange, spend Gold Bar 10,000G x2 for unlimited daily changes via the Old Moon Guild's Support UI. 


Did you complete the old Jetina's Guaranteed PEN Accessory, or are you still working on getting to PEN? Let us know! 



-- Change log - Revamped from Jetina's Guaranteed PEN Accessory to the new System  - 11/02/2024