Soul Fragments

+4 DP Alchemy Stone Upgrade

By nyaiera

Published: May 10, 2024




Soul Fragments


Soul Fragments increase gear score and are an important gear upgrade for Alchemy Stones
  • There are two different Soul Fragments and the effects stack letting you upgrade your Alch stone
  • Soul Fragments give sheet DP, each one gives +2 DP letting you stack them for +4 DP
  • The Soul Fragments are usually used on a Vell's Heart to maximize the AP / DP benefits 
  • The materials for crafting the Soul Fragments can be obtained from Calpheon Elvia grind spots 


Obtaining Soul Fragments 

As mentioned the Soul Fragments are obtained by gathering crafting materials from Calpheon Elvia. They're also available on the Central Marketplace. 


Personally, I'd recommend that you grab them from here if they're available but Calpheon Elvia has a lot of great spots. 



Overall the money you make from even attempting to grind for the Crystallized Despair would give you enough to buy them, but you could save some silver if you choose to purchase the rest of the Crystallized Despair from the market. 


You'll need to use the Blessed Soul Fragment first, the Exalted Soul Fragment can only be used second. 


Crafting the Soul Fragments 

If you want to grind for your own materials in order to craft the Soul Fragments, the main ingredient will be Crystallized Despair


This is the ingredient obtained from Calpheon Elvia spots, it also makes up the majority of the time sink, Crystallized Despair can also be obtained from the Central Marketplace



There's plenty available on the market too, but if you're going to craft the fragments, it's probably because the crafted ones aren't available on the market, as this won't really save you much silver if any at all. 


For the Blessed Soul Fragment you'll need the following ingredients for crafting:


For the Exalted Soul Fragment the ingredients for crafting change a little:



Crystallized Despair Grinding Locations

Here's a few examples of where you can go to grab some Crystallized Despair in Calpheon Elvia, some of them are pretty high AP / DP requirements so keep that in mind. 


For some of the spots that require 300 AP + it's likely you already have the Soul Fragments on your account, but I'll mention them anyway just because they're the highest providers of Crystallized Despair.


As always the information is based off our Global Grind Tracker which you can access here! 


Agris Fever isn't be considered in the following tracker numbers, so keep that in mind as well. 


Rhutum Outstation & Saunil Camp


With a really accessible AP requirement, Rhutum Outstation is a great place to start if you'd like to grind for the Crystallized Despair yourself. 


For the gear score requirement, the average money per hour is really decent, competing with Jade Starlight Forest and Orc Camp pretty well. 


I'd recommend it over Saunil Camp as the entry level spot because it has a much better rate for Crystallized Despair and for silver per hour. 



If you do have low DP, you could go to Saunil camp, but at 250 AP / 330 DP there are other spots that will probably take priority, but the silver per hour definitely isn't bad for the requirements. 


Primal Giant Post


For a more mid game spot and a higher amount of silver and Crystallized Despair the Primal Giant Post is a really good spot. 


The money per hour is really solid and at this gear point you may not have used the Soul Fragments already, and it also drops a really good amount of Sealed Black Magic Crystals for Magical Shards


Hexe Sanctuary & Troll Habitat


Hexe Sanctuary and Troll habitat are probably out of the range of people looking to get the Soul Fragment upgrades.


But just to mention them, they each drop 10 Crystallized Despair making it pretty efficient, but I can't really imagine anybody hasn't completed these upgrades if they're pushing 400 DP.  



Using the Soul Fragments 

These types of upgrades are considered Reforms making them really easy to apply to your Alchemy Stone. Usually, people would save an upgrade like this for their Vell's Heart.


To use the Soul Fragments, just right click on them in your inventory and you'll be presented with the following UI:  



Simply select whichever Alchemy Stone you'd like to upgrade and then select your Soul Fragment of choice. 


When your Alchemy stone is upgraded it'll become Blessed and Exalted. Blessed Vell's Heart and Exalted Vell's Heart for example. 


You can still attempt Grinding or Growth on your Alchemy Stones while they're upgraded with Soul Fragments if possible but if it fails you'll lose the Soul Fragment. 


Extracting Soul Fragments 

In order to extract Soul Fragments from a Alchemy Stone you'll need a Mirror of Equilibrium which can be purchased from Blacksmiths within town. 



You can then take the mirror to a Blacksmith NPC and use the "Extract Reform Stone" option in order to remove the Soul Fragment. 


According to patch notes, you'll need to use 2 different mirrors to remove both effects if you have an Exalted. 


You'll obtain an unenhanced "Blessed" alchemy stone and a Crystalized Despair by using a Mirror of Equilibrium on an "Exalted" alchemy stone.


You'll then obtain an unenhanced alchemy stone and a Crystalized Despair by using a Mirror of Equilibrium on an "Blessed" alchemy stone.


You will not receive the Blessed Soul Fragment or the Exalted Soul Fragment from using the Mirror. 



Have you upgraded your Alchemy Stone using the Soul Fragments? Let us know!



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