Heart of Karanda

Mid-Game Garmoth Heart!

By nyaiera

Published: May 04, 2024




Heart of Karanda


The Heart of Karanda is a great mid game option if you're not able to get a Garmoth Heart!
  • The Heart of Karanda will give you an extra crystal slot for a very affordable price
  • It also comes with the Critical Hit Damage +3% option just like a Garmoth Heart provides
  • An additional Crystal slot may not sound like much but it offers a lot of utility to mid game players
  • Unlike a Garmoth Heart, the Heart of Karanda is a pretty common drop, so it's easier to obtain 


How to Obtain The Heart of Karanda 


To obtain the Heart of Karanda, you'll need to defeat the Stormbringer Karanda world boss, an empowered version of the world boss that can give better drops.


But that's relying on RNG and can take some time even with a much better drop rate than Garmoth Hearts, so I'd recommend picking one up from the Marketplace as they always seem to be available. 



For the price of 500 million, which most players can earn within an hour, you get a lot of value out of an extra crystal slot and the Critical Hit Damage +3%. 


Using the Heart of Karanda

In order to use the Heart of Karanda simply right click on it and you'll be taken to the Item Reform Menu: 



This window will let you select a piece of gear to reform, in this case it'd be the Awakening weapon. By selecting your Heart of Karanda you'll be able to apply the bonuses to your weapon.

After equipping your weapon, you'll unlock the additional Magic Crystal slot to be used within your presets. This will allow you to utilize something like the following: 


This Magic Crystal set will allow you to hit +5 Critical Hit but an extra slot in general frees up a few options for your build. 


If you're a life skiller, an extra Magic Crystal slot also helps boost your stats for life skilling as well, definitely worth the 500 mil price tag. 


If you need a bit more info on Magic Crystals, check out our Magic Crystal Guide here: 


Extracting The Heart of Karanda 

The best thing about the Heart of Karanda is that it can be removed should you get your hands on a Garmoth heart, making it a great stepping stone for gear progression. 


Extracting the Heart of Karanda doesn't destroy it, making it re-sellable or usable on another character like a life skilling alt. 


You'll need to extract all of your Caphras stones from your weapon when extracting the heart.


So keep that in mind when considering using a Heart of Karanda or stick to Blackstar weapons that don't use Caphras. 



This Mirror of Equilibrium is what you'll need to extract the heart, you can grab the mirror from Blacksmith NPCs for 20 million silver. This image is from the Heidel Blacksmith for reference. 


You can then goto Extract Reform Stone option at Blacksmith NPCs in order to remove the heart. The heart will not be destroyed in this process. 



Would you consider using a Heart of KarandaLet us know! 

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